Words I will Never Forget….

Hello Loves,



As heartbroken I have been over the events that took place over the weekend, I think I want to talk about what happened here in Knoxville in response to the horrible violence that happened in Charlottesville, Va.


On Sunday a Love rally Organized by the Women’s Coalition of East Tennessee brought over 100 people down to Market Square to take a stand against hate and bigotry.


Many speakers were there but one speaker held my attention and said words that I will never forget.

State Representative Rick Staples gave a speech of a lifetime that this blogger is comparing to many civil rights legend’s.

Staples passion for how “we are in dangerous times, not just because we have violence but how people are judged by the color of their skin or who they love” will send chills and tears down your spine.


Staples stood firm in his proclamation that he will not walk away from a challenge, when someone chooses to threaten anyone different because of the color of their skin, who they love or who they vote for. He challenged every elected official to “stop worrying about what the media will say about you or if if it will hurt your next political run” these things shouldn’t even be a thought in your mind then he challenges them to stand up and shut your mouth and open your ears and realize you are there to serve.


The whole day was filled with empowering speeches and love songs that as a group we will not let this happen in Knoxville.


Sunday was a great showing of how Knoxville may be a little city but we love a whole lot and we will stand firm in that

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