No Attack Ads!

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Our Mayor is taking a stand read his media release for today!


Media Contact: Andrew Davis – 865-202-5435

Voicemail: 865-315-8270

Burchett commits to no attack ads, asks Knox Co. employees not to donate


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (Aug. 8, 2017) — Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett will not run attack ads as part of his campaign for the United States Congress.

“This campaign is about the people of East Tennessee and their principles and values,” Mayor Burchett said. “Mean-spirited attacks are a big part of what is wrong with politics in our country, and I will not use those tactics to get elected to Tennessee’s Second Congressional District. I will stand on my track record of fiscally conservative, responsible leadership, as well as my history of helping people who need it.”

Mayor Burchett is also publicly asking that all Knox County government employees refrain from donating to his political campaign.

“I don’t want our employees feeling like they have to give to my campaign or worrying about whether it’s the right thing to do,” said Mayor Burchett. “I’ll make it simple: If you work for Knox County Government, please don’t donate to my campaign. I want our employees focused on coming to work everyday and on serving Knox County taxpayers.”

Burchett for Congress campaign updates can be found online at , on Facebook at @BurchettForCongress and on Twitter at @VoteBurchett .


Big Ideas for Knoxville

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Lord have mercy. I’ve been trying to hit all these city council candidate events and it’s  wearing me out. First we had the Sixth District get out the vote. Also Brandon Bruce who is running for the Second District. Bruce had a meet n greet at the Plaid Apron in Sequoyah Hills. There was some great food and you also got to hear his campaign platform.  Bruce has had many events in the past and donated all of the money to benefit the area that he is running for instead of keeping it for himself, in my humble thoughts it seems he is already pouring into Knoxville all that he can.  Bruce just like his height has BIG IDEAS for Knoxville.  I compare the two because this man is taller than anyone I’ve  ever met but is like a gentle giant that will work hard to make Knoxville even better that it already is. Bruce states he wants Knoxville to be the number one place to Live,Work and Play.

He has a website that you can go to get more information about, but if you’re an avid McCalla Around Knoxville reader, you will remember I wrote a blog about Mayor Rogero and the Young Democrats meeting, she stated at that meeting that one of the biggest issues the new City Council members will face when they are elected will be the re-zoning that is is going on now.

Bruce, mentions this on his web page as one of his issues stating,


“I support the ongoing work of our City Administration and City Council to modernize our zoning ordinances. The last major update was in the 1960s. We need to provide for mixed use developments and other zoning updates to keep Knoxville moving forward.”


The three goals are to:

  1. Invest in aging industrial sites and commercial areas.
  2. Protect neighborhoods and preserve our history.
  3. Connect our corridors, neighborhoods, and natural amenities.

The process of rewriting our zoning ordinances is happening now and I look forward to actively contributing. To learn more, visit


Thats straight from his web site folks if you want to know more about Bandon Bruce you can go to his web site  or see him at next Get The Vote Event .