My Gateway Grocery

Hello Loves, Let's talk grocery shopping. It's one thing that I hate more than anything. It takes up so much time. I’m horrible about impulse buying and the worst at couponing. I fall for every gimmick that comes up. It usually goes something like this: Salesperson: Excuse me busy lady, would you like to hear … Continue reading My Gateway Grocery

What to do This Weekend?

Hello Loves,   Are you looking for weekend events and what is going on in Knoxville? Here is the list of events that your go to girl for Knoxville talked about on Real News Talk Radio 92.3 this morning. You can always listen every Friday at 9:30 a.m. If you can't, check out my list … Continue reading What to do This Weekend?

Christmas at the Expo

  Hello Loves,   Christmas is right around the corner and being the girl-about-town that I am, I popped into the Christmas Shopping event at the Expo Center this weekend. WOW! This is a must event for those of you with hard to shop for friends and family members.   There were over 400 vendors … Continue reading Christmas at the Expo