Roger Kane’s New Job

Hello Loves, State Representative Roger Kane spoke for the first time at a Republican meeting about his new job with our Knox County Mayor, Glenn Jacobs. The link below will have his whole speech. From what I gathered, his job is to bridge the gap between the Mayor and the School Board and hold the … Continue reading Roger Kane’s New Job

Another name for the City Mayor Race

Hello Loves, We have another hat thrown in the race for City Mayor, city council member Marshall Stair has picked up papers to run. Marshall has been on city council for 7 years and stated on his facebook that he is “passionate about our city and look forward to sharing his ideas and most importantly, … Continue reading Another name for the City Mayor Race

Football and Tim Burchett

  Hello Loves, Here is a campaign update from our soon to be congressmen well, at least I think so. It's football time in Tennessee! High school football is a uniquely important part of our culture here in East Tennessee. Our communities come together every Friday night to celebrate some of our best and brightest students, … Continue reading Football and Tim Burchett

Lafferty Shocks Knoxville But not me.

Hello Loves, The 89th district shocked all of Knox County last night. We had five republicans running for State Representative,Stacey Campfield, Tim Hutchison, Justin Lafferty, Jesse D. Nelson, and Guy L. Smoak. Two very well known candidates Campfield and Hutchison got less votes than I thought. Hutchinson appeared to think he could run on his … Continue reading Lafferty Shocks Knoxville But not me.

Blackburn’s Knoxville Campaign Office is Open!

Hello Loves, Congressman Marsha Blackburn, officially opened up her Knoxville Campaign headquarters last Saturday. The room was full of many familiar candidates running for office, but there was a strong presence of Republican support from a much larger area including the State House. Blackburn is a Conservative Republican running for U.S. Senate and her platform … Continue reading Blackburn’s Knoxville Campaign Office is Open!

Round-Up​ for Sheriff Spangler

Hello Loves,   Tom Spangler, the Republican candidate for Knox County Sheriff, held a meet and greet at Round up in South Knoxville. Round up is a great mom and pop business that is locally owned. One can find delicious burgers, home cooked favorites, and if you are like me and want to dip crispy … Continue reading Round-Up​ for Sheriff Spangler

Debates and Stranger Things

Hello Loves, This Congressional race is about to kill me. Does anyone else feel like a mental meltdown is just around the corner every time you think about all the smoke and mirrors that have been put up by the candidates? This past week, The East Knoxville Community Meeting held a Second Congressional Forum. Hubert … Continue reading Debates and Stranger Things