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Well, they say a picture says a thousand words, but a sign says it all as well. On Saturday our very own Mayor Burchett announced he will be running for Congressman Duncan’s Congressional seat.


The announcement had around 250 to 300 normal people there. I’m not counting the typical politicians I’m talking about the normal average joe’s like you and I that came out to Vol Market to support our county mayor.

His pastor introduced him, talked about how it’s a great day to show your support and how he crossed party lines for his friend and someone he believed in and said a prayer, then the limelight was on Burtchett.


He opened up and recognized Lieutenant Governor Randy Mcnally as one of his dearest friends. Thanked everyone for coming and then it was time to talk about what he was going to do.  He portrayed East Tennessee not as red and blue but as a group of people who want as little of government in our lives as possible.  He spoke on how he has paid down over 50 million of our debt in Knox County.


A focus he had was on our country’s heroes, not the singers or the football players that we idolize so much but the men and women that laid down their lives for us or get hurt and come back home and can’t even get a job or health insurance. A major point of his speech was that veterans have to drive hundreds of miles to get what they need. A tear was saw on his amazing wife’s eyes that was heartfelt as the words that he said.

Burchett Announces-8-5-17-106

He ended with, Washington is to gutless to do anything and how he isn’t that gutless and it was time for someone to stand up and do what’s right, not what’s popular. The main points for his speech is veterans need help, to much government, how Washington should listen to us here in East Tennessee instead of the “Fat Cats” in Washington. His facebook and twitter is now up and running for you to add and follow.


The race is up and running as Jimmy Matlock also sent a special welcome to the race to Burtchett and that he will be praying for him and his family.

Prank Calls or the Real Deal

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Well Well Well, It looks like someone is polling about who you would vote for for Mayor…….. A phone call was received asking who would you vote for as Knox County’s next mayor…. Bob Thomas, Glen Jacobs, Buddy Burkhardt or Brad Anders. I wonder who is behind this and is this once again a little hint that two more are getting in the race or is this just another prank call? We will see….

A Horse Named Whisky and Don Ridings

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Shrimp, cupcakes, beer, wine, a horse named Whisky and more was the sight of Don Ridings event, the Great American Shrimp Kickoff, last Saturday. With around 150 guests and around 60 people who bought tickets, but didn’t show up it was a grand first fundraiser of the year for Ridings.


The event was held at Sun Dance Farm and Event Center, in deep Farragut.  But with Pridefest, Brewfest, Dragon Boat Festival, and the Wing Festival he still had a good number of people there to show support.


The Boy Scouts kicked off the event, than a passionate prayer from Don’s pastor, then the big moment for Don as he gave his first campaign speech. He stated HE WIll be your next Knox County Circuit Court Clerk. In his words he wants to provide the service that Knox County needs but has not been getting in the past 20 years with the clerk’s office. He wants changes and higher level of services with online filing, and all employees completely trained to better help you.  The speech was quick and to the point.


There were a variety of attendees from:supporters, friends, family, City Council candidates James Corcoran and Andrew Wilson, members of the East Tennessee Libertarian Party, and elected officials such as State Representative Roger Kane. However, there were no officials from the Knox County Republican Party present but voters sure were. One thing is for sure, Don is ready to swim faster than all the other shrimp to get this job.

What is the hold up?

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Word in Rocky Top is that there are many people pushing our wonderful mayor to run for governor of our great state.  So, why has he not announced he’s running yet? With numerous articles that have been written about him, many tweets with the hashtag draft Burchett and even a tweet from Susan E. Gingrich, the sister of Speaker Newt Gingrich. It seems to this blogger that he needs to announce and start running for more than the next Krystal line. Plus Kelly Burchett as the next Tennessee First Lady how could he lose? So, why hasn’t he??

Burchett is term limited for mayor after 2018, but he has many jobs to pick from. He could become a horse farmer, walk away from politics, and stay at home and just be a daddy and a husband. He could follow his passion of metal detecting and spend his days hand in hand with his wife and daughter finding life’s little treasures, or he has two huge political moves he could make.

Mayor Burchett could run for daddy Duncan’s seat in congress, with a fiscally conservative thought process and proven dedication it could definitely squash any chance State Representative Jason Zachary has at going to Congress, or he could jump into the governor’s race.

What stands in his way from going to Nashville? Well let’s think about Governor Haslam and Governor Bredesen. They both are multi millionaires,not home grown men who have had to fight for every dollar they have made. Could he beat a millionaire that is beginning to become a household name like Randy Byod, and what about the other 5 people who want to run?  Would he just be another name in the game like the Republican Presidential Primary was in 2016? And what about his family? He would have to uproot them from their home and school to run our great state? It’s his calling is it there’s? We have seen First Lady Melania Trump and Barron Trump stay at Trump Tower instead of moving into the WhiteHouse. The times are a changin?

It’s a lot to think about, in this bloggers opinion I’m on the governor bandwagon for our great mayor and it’s time for a change on the hill.  We need a blue collared governors who truly cares for this state and its great citizens. I mean who could be better for the job than him? Come on Mayor Burchett let’s do this!! I mean hurry before Rogero throws her name in the race!

Free Speech for Everyone? Update from Nashville…..

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With the deadline fast approaching for bills to be introduced in the Tennessee legislature, proposed legislation is raining down on Nashville.  I heard about a particular piece of legislation called the “Milo Bill”.  The “Milo Bill” was inspired by events on the campus of the Berkeley campus of the University of California when conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos was denied the opportunity to speak because of near-rioting.  Protestors destroyed property and started fires to keep Yiannopoulos from speaking.


The bill is sponsored by State Representative Martin Daniel and State Senator Joey Hensley and apparently written by local campaign guru Kenny Collins.  Having some interest in the bill, I attended the press conference.  Evidently, the purpose of the bill is to protect free speech for everyone.


Luke Elliot, a student at the University of Tennessee and vice president of the College Republicans, spoke up in favor of the bill, saying it was important to many students and noting free speech is essential to our republic.  Elliot said he believes Tennessee is a conservative state and out-of-touch professors should not be the only voices heard.


Scottie Nell Hughes, editor of and a graduate of the University of Tennessee at Martin, attended the press conference to voice her own opinions.   Hughes’ opinion varied little from that of most of those attending the event, saying everyone should have the right to speak their mind and state their opinions.  Hughes said she was glad Daniel and Senator Hensley were taking the idea of protecting free speech seriously.

Mickey Shelton, a student and member of America’s armed forces, said he was at a loss for words considering he took an oath to protect the Constitution and free speech, which is not being respected nor observed at many college campuses across the country.  Shelton questioned the idea of requiring a license to be able to speak on a college campus, wondering who issues the license and what circumstances allow a particular speaker to speak.  Shelton clearly thought it wrong to require a permit to speak.20170209_112404



Needless to say, there will be a LOT of talking about this bill!

Lunch with Senator Mark Norris

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Vol Market 3 on Market had a great turn out for an event sponsored by Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett.  Burchett’s guest of honor was State Senator Mark Norris, a possible candidate for governor next year.  Norris is a thoughtful legislator and has served as Chairman of the Senate’s Judiciary Committee.  Currently, Senator Norris is the Senate Majority Leader.  The Shelby Countian was one of the louder voices in the legislature the last time the governor discussed raising the gasoline tax; Norris was strongly against an increase in the gas tax.

A host of politicos were moving through the crowd of about 75 people including Law Director Bud Armstrong, County Commission Chairman Dave Wright, Commissioner Charlie Busler, School Board Chair Patty Bounds, Senator Becky Duncan Massey, First District Commissioner Evelyn Gill and Sheriff-wannabe Lee Trammel.  Burchett singled out Evelyn Gill for a compliment, saying she is one Commissioner that has her district in mind, knowing her people and what they want.


Norris seemed pleased by the reception he got from Knox Countians and stayed tuned for updates on this blog.

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