Bob Thomas Cleared of Campaign Stunt

Hello Loves, It has been a busy week with everything from early voting starting, the removal of signs, and the ethics committee. The media has had to stay on their toes to keep up with everything that's going on.  I’ll touch on early voting and sign removal on another blog. For now I only want … Continue reading Bob Thomas Cleared of Campaign Stunt

Welcome Glenn Jacobs!

Hello Loves, Let's welcome another wonderful advertiser to this blog Glenn Jacobs running for Knox County Mayor. Jacob’s campaign theme is Fighting the Way for Our Future and he has a real passion for Knoxville. In many conversations we have had about why he is running, he always speaks about how much he loves Knoxville. … Continue reading Welcome Glenn Jacobs!

Welcome Bob Thomas for County Mayor 2018

Hello Loves, Let's welcome Bob Thomas who is running for Knox County Mayor.  Bob Thomas is currently one of only two at large County Commissioners here in Knox County. Since 2014 besides being a County Commissioner he has served on many other boards such as Chairman of Knox County Disability Committee, Knox County Pension and … Continue reading Welcome Bob Thomas for County Mayor 2018

Mayor Candidates, MPC, Taxes and More!

Hello Loves, On Tuesday night Karns Republican club in collaboration with the Karns Community Center held an informative meet n greet and question and answer event with the three republican candidates that have announced at this time. Brad Anders, Glen Jacobs and Bob Thomas.  I’ll give you the highlights of the conversation if you want … Continue reading Mayor Candidates, MPC, Taxes and More!

Petition Pick Up So far!

Hello Loves,   Petitions can now be picked up and returned for the Knox County elections next year.  Here is the list as of today of who has picked them one up.   A petition has to be signed by registered voters who reside in the county. It's also the last of the paperwork to … Continue reading Petition Pick Up So far!

Could “The Voice” Be Our Next Mayor?

Hello Loves,   The ability to get stuff done is an ability that a mayor needs to have. This includes a lot but a mayor has to be able to bring new people and especially new businesses into the area. One person running for mayor is already making Knox County the center of Tennessee.   … Continue reading Could “The Voice” Be Our Next Mayor?

Update on Mayor’s Race

Hello Loves Sheriff J.J. Jones confirmed on Facebook that he is not running for Knox County Mayor.  The following is the message on Facebook. The following is a message from Sheriff Jimmy “J.J.” Jones: “I want to thank everyone who has supported me in my decision to run for Knox County Mayor. Words cannot express … Continue reading Update on Mayor’s Race