Welcome Glenn Jacobs!

Hello Loves, Let's welcome another wonderful advertiser to this blog Glenn Jacobs running for Knox County Mayor. Jacob’s campaign theme is Fighting the Way for Our Future and he has a real passion for Knoxville. In many conversations we have had about why he is running, he always speaks about how much he loves Knoxville. … Continue reading Welcome Glenn Jacobs!

Football and Commissioner Bob Thomas

Hello Loves, Are you going to the football game this Saturday? If you are, I have the tailgate for you! Commissioner at Large Bob Thomas is hosting a Bob 4 Mayor tailgate starting in the parking lot at Ruth’s Chris, right by our beautiful Tennessee River. The Tailgate starts at 9 am and promises to … Continue reading Football and Commissioner Bob Thomas

Buddy’s Secret……

Hello Loves, The “Rumor Mill” has been turning fast over the mayoral race. At first it was said that former State Senator Stacey Campfield  was running, then it was said Sheriff J.J. Jones was really running and the big rumor and wonder was about Knox County GOP Chairman Buddy Burkhardt is still going to get … Continue reading Buddy’s Secret……

“JJ” for Mayor?

Hello Loves, Scuttle butt around Knoxville just added another potential candidate for Knox County Mayor.  There is a strong rumor Knox County Sheriff Jimmy “JJ” Jones will turn in his handcuffs and golf shoes in favor of a suit and tie to run for Mayor.   Jones could face Knox County Commissioner Brad Anders, a … Continue reading “JJ” for Mayor?

Mayor Bud Armstrong?

  Hello Loves, Last Tuesday was some night and it would be pointless to repeat who won this or that because by this time, we pretty much know all that. One little piece of scuttlebutt that might be interesting to you is another possibility for Knox County Mayor and it’s a big MAYBE - - … Continue reading Mayor Bud Armstrong?

Mayor Jacobs???

Hello Loves, If you’ve been keeping up with this blog you’re aware local insurance man Glenn Jacobs is thinking about running for Knox County Mayor to succeed Tim Burchett in 2018. Jacobs is not only a local business and family man, but better known to his many fans as Kane of the WWE wrestling and … Continue reading Mayor Jacobs???

Mayor 2018

You might think it’s a bit early to be writing about a campaign that’s almost two years away, but most of us realize once one election is over, the cycle for another starts. County Commissioner Bob Thomas is likely responsible for kicking off the campaign to succeed Mayor Tim Burchett with an uber early announcement … Continue reading Mayor 2018