What Gives?

Hello Loves, What does the Knoxville News Sentinel have against a man that pours his heart into Knox County? BUT apparently they find it delightfully enchanting to write a story about him every chance they get. Since he's been mayor they've tried to run his name in the ground, but it's not worked. The citizens … Continue reading What Gives?

Rallies and Much More

Hello Loves, This past weekend was full of rallies. I tried to cover as much as I could, but the Women's March and The Right to Life March were at the same time. Needless to say, I did a lot of walking to get to both of them.   The Women's March was held at … Continue reading Rallies and Much More

End the Fake News!

Hello Loves, Happy Wednesday! If you listened to talk radio 92.3 then you heard our fearless Mayor Burchett talk about the fake news of the FBI investigating him. I made a few phone calls and guess what. They can neither confirm or deny that they are investigating him, or me, or you or Bob the … Continue reading End the Fake News!

Help Keep Everyone Warm

Hello Loves, Are you ready for another Real News 92.3 competition between Mr. Nick the editor and ceo of The Volunteer Review, Mr.Henry the fastest mouth of the South, and McCalla Around Knoxville? As you might have known, we did a First Friday event at Merchants of Beer and Park City Cigars last month that … Continue reading Help Keep Everyone Warm

Our Mayor and The Miltary

Hello Loves, Mayor Burchett spoke at The Knoxville Navy Ball at the Marriott this past Saturday night. The Navy Ball is sponsored by the Knoxville Navy League and is organized by a group of sailors stationed at Naval Operational Support Center. You can Find the whole speech Here on my Facebook , but I’ll give … Continue reading Our Mayor and The Miltary