Top 25 Knoxville Blog

Hello Loves, Almost 2 years ago, I started a dream of being your go to girl for Knoxville and creating a blog that uplifts and builds up Knoxville. Well loves, even with the many misspelled words and a whole lot of sass... I just found out I am number 19 on the top 25 Knoxville … Continue reading Top 25 Knoxville Blog


Hello Loves, It's here, the day I have been waiting for all year long.  No its not election day, or Christmas, both days bring a smile to my face but to see the real joy in your go to girl for Knoxville’s face just mention one  word…. DONUTS. Yes Loves its national donut day and … Continue reading FRIDAY IS…..

Love and Patti Jo

Hello Loves,   Sometimes there’s a love story out there that absolutely confirms God always has a plan.  Over the years, I’d heard bits and pieces of this particular story, but it was special to hear it from the beginning from Knox County Law Director Bud Armstrong.   It begins at a swimming pool where … Continue reading Love and Patti Jo