Coffee and A State Representative​

Hello Loves, I have a great opportunity for you to meet one of our State Representatives. At this meeting, you can hear him talk about what his plan is for the next session, let your voice be heard, and ask the questions you want answered over coffee. Every Tuesday in the month of October State … Continue reading Coffee and A State Representative​

One More New Harvest Park Series

Hello loves, check out this very last concert to end your summer concert series at New Harvest Park.                                                  Second Saturday Concert series concludes in August Final shows set for Aug. 11 at The Cove and New Harvest Park                                                         When:        Saturday, Aug. 11 from 6 to 8 p.m. Where:       The Cove at Concord … Continue reading One More New Harvest Park Series

My Gateway Grocery

Hello Loves, Let's talk grocery shopping. It's one thing that I hate more than anything. It takes up so much time. I’m horrible about impulse buying and the worst at couponing. I fall for every gimmick that comes up. It usually goes something like this: Salesperson: Excuse me busy lady, would you like to hear … Continue reading My Gateway Grocery

Debates and Stranger Things

Hello Loves, This Congressional race is about to kill me. Does anyone else feel like a mental meltdown is just around the corner every time you think about all the smoke and mirrors that have been put up by the candidates? This past week, The East Knoxville Community Meeting held a Second Congressional Forum. Hubert … Continue reading Debates and Stranger Things

Bill Lee’s Town Hall

Hello Loves, Bill Lee, who is running for Governor, is holding a Town Hall on Thursday, June 28. The location will be Soko Market on 2014 W. Gov. John Sevier Highway from 8:00 am - 9:00 am. This Town Hall will be a way for you to meet and greet with Mr. Lee and hear … Continue reading Bill Lee’s Town Hall