Community is Everything.

Hello Loves, On this past Martin Luther King Jr Day, I attended The Memorial Tribute Service at Overcoming Believers Church. This event happens every year, but this was the first time I've ever attended. Wow, let's first say this event gave me chills. Mayor Madeline Rogero, Mayor Tim Burchett, Commissioner Evelyn Gill, Commissioner Bob Thomas, … Continue reading Community is Everything.

Go Jump in the River!

Hello Loves, Want to send a shock through your body and help a great cause? Well, I have just the event for you this Saturday, January 27th at Volunteer Landing. You can participate in the Annual Eskimo Escapades. What is that you ask? Well, I’m going to tell you! The Eskimo Escapades is a fundraising … Continue reading Go Jump in the River!

A New Year a New You?

Hello Loves, Happy New Year! A new year means new year resolutions and if your like me, one of your resolutions is always to lose weight. I'm a self-claimed gym rat. I spend about 5 days a week in the gym, but I thought I would do a series for you. I’ve decided to a … Continue reading A New Year a New You?

Mayor Candidates, MPC, Taxes and More!

Hello Loves, On Tuesday night Karns Republican club in collaboration with the Karns Community Center held an informative meet n greet and question and answer event with the three republican candidates that have announced at this time. Brad Anders, Glen Jacobs and Bob Thomas.  I’ll give you the highlights of the conversation if you want … Continue reading Mayor Candidates, MPC, Taxes and More!

2018 and What You will See

Hello Loves   Happy New Year! Its Officially 2018 we can say goodbye to 2017, whether it was was great or horrible, it's in the past and now it's time for us to embrace a new day and a new start! This Is A HUGE year for Knoxville starting with election season. It will be … Continue reading 2018 and What You will See

Amazing Work From an Incredible Girl

Hello Loves, Let me tell you about this incredible kindergartener that I personally know.  I want to let everyone reading this know that it is never too soon to teach your children the power of voting and government.     Students  were asked to write about citizenship with length requirements varying by grade levels.  Winners … Continue reading Amazing Work From an Incredible Girl

What to do This Weekend?

Hello Loves,   It’s the last weekend before Christmas! Your family is in and now you're thinking what do I do with everyone? Here is your weekend what to do from Your Go To Girl for Knoxville, McCalla Around Knoxville. You can also hear this list on News Talk Radio 92.3 every Friday at 9:30am. … Continue reading What to do This Weekend?