Fresh New Face

Hello Loves, Let's talk beautiful skin! Now before you tune me out, I have discovered on a new obsession. You must stop what you're doing...right now... and book an appointment to go get this done to your face. It’s called microabrasion. Do you want to have the best feeling and looking skin ever? Then go … Continue reading Fresh New Face

Pour Some Good Times In Knoxville!

Hello Loves,   A new Knoxville watering hole has open and its concept is not only neat but super fun. Pour located at 207 West Jackson Avenue is a new concept on a bar that doesn't have bartenders and you don't pay by the glass but by the ounce…   When you walk in you're … Continue reading Pour Some Good Times In Knoxville!

Young Democrats Thirsty For Info….

Hello Loves,   Over forty five young Democrats met at Shulz Brewery on Tuesday night to have a meet n greet with Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero. The forty five young Democrats doesn't include all the candidates and “older Democrats” that also attended. The group itself topped out around 60ish! Mayor Rogero opened the meeting with … Continue reading Young Democrats Thirsty For Info….