Holy Moly Endorsements

Hello Loves, Holy Moly Endorsements! We are less than two weeks away from early voting and the endorsements have been rolling in for Commissioner Bob Thomas running for Knox County Mayor and an advertiser on this blog. I’ll link the endorsements below so you can see them for yourself, they have been coming from everyone … Continue reading Holy Moly Endorsements

Go Jump in the River!

Hello Loves, Want to send a shock through your body and help a great cause? Well, I have just the event for you this Saturday, January 27th at Volunteer Landing. You can participate in the Annual Eskimo Escapades. What is that you ask? Well, I’m going to tell you! The Eskimo Escapades is a fundraising … Continue reading Go Jump in the River!

Rallies and Much More

Hello Loves, This past weekend was full of rallies. I tried to cover as much as I could, but the Women's March and The Right to Life March were at the same time. Needless to say, I did a lot of walking to get to both of them.   The Women's March was held at … Continue reading Rallies and Much More

Larsen Jay Campaign and Support

Hello Loves, Larsen Jay is having a Campaign Kick-off. Boy oh boy does he have support and he wants to have you support too!!! Larsen Jay, founder and owner of Random Acts of Flowers is running for County Commission at Large seat 10. He is having a Campaign kick-off on Tuesday, January 30th from 6-8pm … Continue reading Larsen Jay Campaign and Support

Questions YOU Need To Ask

Hello Loves, With so many Campaign Kickoffs and Campaign headquarters openings, I felt it was important to tell you why you should go to the event. I know not everyone is in love with politics like I am. So why would events like this be important to the average voter? Events like these are really … Continue reading Questions YOU Need To Ask

This is Why People Hate Politics.

Hello Loves, I was looking through petitions that have been picked up and something caught my eye. Scott Smith one of four candidates running for Knox County Circuit Court Clerk in the May 1st Republican primary has also picked up a petition to run for his current seat, State Executive Committeeman for District 5. Now … Continue reading This is Why People Hate Politics.

A Conversation with Senators

Hello Loves, Women League of Voters held a forum to inform Knoxvillians about what we may see in session this year, but they also allowed for citizens to ask any questions they wanted about past sessions, past votes, or past bills. It was very well put together and was a free event including a wonderful … Continue reading A Conversation with Senators