Pour Some Good Times In Knoxville!

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A new Knoxville watering hole has open and its concept is not only neat but super fun. Pour located at 207 West Jackson Avenue is a new concept on a bar that doesn’t have bartenders and you don’t pay by the glass but by the ounce…


When you walk in you’re greeted with friendly staff that will walk you through all the beers and wines on tap.  Pour is a great way to taste and find what you like.  You’re given a wristband and off you go to taste away. Remember you pay by the ounce not by the cup and for me I actually came out paying a lot less than I normally do.

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Roger Kane’s Huge Campaign Kick Off

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Last Thursday State Representative Roger Kane officially announced his plans to run for Knox County Court Clerk. His kick off was at Calhoun’s on the River. The amount of people who showed up to support Roger was overwhelming. Many of his fellow legislators attended to his family and friends. The kick off started with people in and out and it didn’t stop.


State Representative of the 11th District Jeremy Faison, used his kind words to introduce Kane. He spoke about watching and learning from Roger along with his deep respect for how Roger has served in the legislature.


Roger spoke on how he upheld what he said and will not run again for state representative, as he said when he first run he would only serve three terms. He’s definitely not a career politician, although he may look like he has ran more than his opponent, it really isn’t that way because he’s only been in elected office since 2013.


He spoke about being a small business owner and how he can best serve the citizens of Knox County. While not in session he’s very active in the Karns community, teaching insurance classes, and continuing his own education. He’s one out of a very few seeking office in Knox County that hasn’t been in the good ol’ boy network of politics.

Job Well Done Representative John J. Duncan Jr.

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It’s been a busy political week for Knoxville. Representative John J. Duncan Jr. announced he will not seek re-election next year after a remarkable three decades in office. Duncan says he has thought about retiring before this decision, but now is the time and on to the next chapter of his life.

Duncan has been one of the best for fiscal conservatives in East Tennessee and the entire country and he’s always stood for what he believes even if everyone didn’t agree with him. He was one of only seven in the House that voted against the Iraq War. When Ron Paul retired in 2012, it left Duncan as the only Republican in Congress that voted against the Iraq War.

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A Weekend Update

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Boy oh Boy, was this weekend busy, from bridge dedications, parades, to fairs.

Here’s a quick rundown of what happened this weekend, but always remember to tune in to Real News Talk 92.3 to hear all the events going on in Knoxville every Friday at 7pm.

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Prank Calls or the Real Deal

Hello Loves

Well Well Well, It looks like someone is polling about who you would vote for for Mayor…….. A phone call was received asking who would you vote for as Knox County’s next mayor…. Bob Thomas, Glen Jacobs, Buddy Burkhardt or Brad Anders. I wonder who is behind this and is this once again a little hint that two more are getting in the race or is this just another prank call? We will see….

A Horse Named Whisky and Don Ridings

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Shrimp, cupcakes, beer, wine, a horse named Whisky and more was the sight of Don Ridings event, the Great American Shrimp Kickoff, last Saturday. With around 150 guests and around 60 people who bought tickets, but didn’t show up it was a grand first fundraiser of the year for Ridings.


The event was held at Sun Dance Farm and Event Center, in deep Farragut.  But with Pridefest, Brewfest, Dragon Boat Festival, and the Wing Festival he still had a good number of people there to show support.


The Boy Scouts kicked off the event, than a passionate prayer from Don’s pastor, then the big moment for Don as he gave his first campaign speech. He stated HE WIll be your next Knox County Circuit Court Clerk. In his words he wants to provide the service that Knox County needs but has not been getting in the past 20 years with the clerk’s office. He wants changes and higher level of services with online filing, and all employees completely trained to better help you.  The speech was quick and to the point.


There were a variety of attendees from:supporters, friends, family, City Council candidates James Corcoran and Andrew Wilson, members of the East Tennessee Libertarian Party, and elected officials such as State Representative Roger Kane. However, there were no officials from the Knox County Republican Party present but voters sure were. One thing is for sure, Don is ready to swim faster than all the other shrimp to get this job.

Knoxvilles BEST Tacos

Hello Loves,


I have 2 words for you loves TACO TRUCK! Yum be still my taco loving heart I have found the best place to eat your favorite real Mexican food. I’m not talking about ground beef with queso infused in it. I’m talking about real, Chicken and steak with the perfect set of spices and fresh veggies not out of the bag frozen kind, the only thing that would make this truck better was if it served margaritas.


Another great thing about this Taco Truck is it’s a true food truck, the prices are what a food truck should be lower than a restaurant but with the right amount of food to fill you up without over stuffing your face.


Your go to girl ordered, Pastor(spicy Pork) Multias and 2 Pastor Tacos. The Mulitas where 2.95 each and there are 2 home made tortillas with avocado and amazing red sauce lettuce, cheese and Pastor. Now I will say I am not used to the homemade tortillas I’m used to the ones at taco bell these are thicker but compliment the Pastor very well. The red sauce is spicy but o me o my I could drink it. Speaking of drinks I will be driving to 2625 Broadway for some Real Lime Jarritos , which is a real Mexican soda and there pineapple water. Both were so refreshing and perfect for a hot summer day.

Tequeria La Herradura is solely located at 2625 Broadway , they do not move! And they are Open 11am-11pm if you are in the hurry and need to call in your order call 443-4404 and you can swing by and pick it up at home.