Another name for the City Mayor Race

Hello Loves, We have another hat thrown in the race for City Mayor, city council member Marshall Stair has picked up papers to run. Marshall has been on city council for 7 years and stated on his facebook that he is “passionate about our city and look forward to sharing his ideas and most importantly, … Continue reading Another name for the City Mayor Race

Lafferty Shocks Knoxville But not me.

Hello Loves, The 89th district shocked all of Knox County last night. We had five republicans running for State Representative,Stacey Campfield, Tim Hutchison, Justin Lafferty, Jesse D. Nelson, and Guy L. Smoak. Two very well known candidates Campfield and Hutchison got less votes than I thought. Hutchinson appeared to think he could run on his … Continue reading Lafferty Shocks Knoxville But not me.

Randy Smiths Huge Lead

Hello Loves, Here is an Update on Commissioner Randy Smith's  re-election campaign , straight from his team. Looks Like Randy's support is growing strong and he is not slowing down. Read his press release and see for yourself. Smith holds huge lead on fundraising against Democratic opponent Knoxville, Tenn. – Last quarter’s financial report showed … Continue reading Randy Smiths Huge Lead

What Gives?

Hello Loves, What does the Knoxville News Sentinel have against a man that pours his heart into Knox County? BUT apparently they find it delightfully enchanting to write a story about him every chance they get. Since he's been mayor they've tried to run his name in the ground, but it's not worked. The citizens … Continue reading What Gives?

This is Why People Hate Politics.

Hello Loves, I was looking through petitions that have been picked up and something caught my eye. Scott Smith one of four candidates running for Knox County Circuit Court Clerk in the May 1st Republican primary has also picked up a petition to run for his current seat, State Executive Committeeman for District 5. Now … Continue reading This is Why People Hate Politics.

Grand Opening and Meet n Greet

Hello Loves, A Grand Opening is happening and you get a choice of two dates on when you would like to go!   Tom Spangler running for Knox County Sheriff is opening his campaign headquarters that is located at 1601 Western Ave across from medic blood bank. This is a great opportunity for you to … Continue reading Grand Opening and Meet n Greet

Mayor Candidates, MPC, Taxes and More!

Hello Loves, On Tuesday night Karns Republican club in collaboration with the Karns Community Center held an informative meet n greet and question and answer event with the three republican candidates that have announced at this time. Brad Anders, Glen Jacobs and Bob Thomas.  I’ll give you the highlights of the conversation if you want … Continue reading Mayor Candidates, MPC, Taxes and More!