Bill Lee’s Town Hall

Hello Loves, Bill Lee, who is running for Governor, is holding a Town Hall on Thursday, June 28. The location will be Soko Market on 2014 W. Gov. John Sevier Highway from 8:00 am - 9:00 am. This Town Hall will be a way for you to meet and greet with Mr. Lee and hear … Continue reading Bill Lee’s Town Hall

A Great Handbag,A Strong Woman, and Knoxville

Hello Loves, As I sit here thinking about the big headlines that are going through our social medias and new outlets, one story hits my heart so hard I couldn't keep from writing about it.  After hearing about the death of Kate Spade, my mind immediately started to wonder why would she want to do … Continue reading A Great Handbag,A Strong Woman, and Knoxville

Susano Wins and Dirty Politics Lose.

Hello Loves,   Here's some more election information. The race that shocked me the most was the Circuit Court Clerk's primary.  Not because of the winner but because of the top 2 in that race. The five candidates in that race were Bo Bennett, Don Ridings,Scott Smith, Charlie Susano, and Tim Wheeler. Charlie Susano was … Continue reading Susano Wins and Dirty Politics Lose.

Kick the Flu!

  Hello Loves, The flu and cruddiness is taking over Knoxville! Knox County schools have closed, preschools have closed, the ER and doctors offices are full of flu and upper respiratory infections. If you're like me you are trying to figure out what on the world can you do to keep your family and yourself … Continue reading Kick the Flu!

Community is Everything.

Hello Loves, On this past Martin Luther King Jr Day, I attended The Memorial Tribute Service at Overcoming Believers Church. This event happens every year, but this was the first time I've ever attended. Wow, let's first say this event gave me chills. Mayor Madeline Rogero, Mayor Tim Burchett, Commissioner Evelyn Gill, Commissioner Bob Thomas, … Continue reading Community is Everything.

2018 and What You will See

Hello Loves   Happy New Year! Its Officially 2018 we can say goodbye to 2017, whether it was was great or horrible, it's in the past and now it's time for us to embrace a new day and a new start! This Is A HUGE year for Knoxville starting with election season. It will be … Continue reading 2018 and What You will See

What Can you Build With Cans?

Hello Loves, A local construction company has just melted my heart and made me proud to be a Knoxvillian all in one thought. Messer Construction Company is helping fight to end hunger with their Construction event.  This event is globally recognized for its giant  creations made out of all cans! That’s right reduce, reuse, recycle. … Continue reading What Can you Build With Cans?