Roger Kane’s Huge Campaign Kick Off

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Last Thursday State Representative Roger Kane officially announced his plans to run for Knox County Court Clerk. His kick off was at Calhoun’s on the River. The amount of people who showed up to support Roger was overwhelming. Many of his fellow legislators attended to his family and friends. The kick off started with people in and out and it didn’t stop.


State Representative of the 11th District Jeremy Faison, used his kind words to introduce Kane. He spoke about watching and learning from Roger along with his deep respect for how Roger has served in the legislature.


Roger spoke on how he upheld what he said and will not run again for state representative, as he said when he first run he would only serve three terms. He’s definitely not a career politician, although he may look like he has ran more than his opponent, it really isn’t that way because he’s only been in elected office since 2013.


He spoke about being a small business owner and how he can best serve the citizens of Knox County. While not in session he’s very active in the Karns community, teaching insurance classes, and continuing his own education. He’s one out of a very few seeking office in Knox County that hasn’t been in the good ol’ boy network of politics.


Hello Loves,

What does a 1969 Volkswagen Bus named Stella and a photo both have in common? Well loves let me tell you. It all happened when Joe and Kathleen found a running VW Bus but like many old vehicles it was in need a lot of restoration. A 69’ bus and an idea… What could possibly go wrong with that? Well 14 months later it was no longer an idea but a reality. Together they put a new twist on a great way to bring people together for quick photos and smiles.

Knox Photo Bus is just that bus, I witnessed it as they were doing FREE pictures for mothers at Faith Promise Church where I attend with lots of props, big sunglasses, phantom of the opera masks, bows, boas, American hats and so much more.

The bus has a leather seat and an old tv that looks like it came straight out of the 70’s. You sit in the bus and get ready for the countdown. The Countdown goes down then boom you smile and within seconds you’re done and your pictures are ready. The great thing about this bus is it can go anywhere, from Birthday parties to weddings to the Zoo for a photo shoot and smiles.  It’s a great asset to Knoxville! Our beautiful city is filled with so many hidden gems such as this one. So, don’t let anyone tell you Nashville is better than Knoxville.  Check them out and tell them your go to girl for Knoxville sent you!

City of Knoxville Candidates

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The city of Knoxville elections are in full bloom with some candidates already knocking on doors such as Lauren Rider a candidate for District 4. Eastminster Presbyterian Church hosted a 19 candidate meet n greet style forum and it was packed full of concerned voters and people who wanted to hear from each and every candidate and boy did they get an earful.

Every candidate that was running was asked to come and get their name out, I don’t think they excepted for 19  of them to come out, but it was nice to hear three minutes from every candidate.

I’m going to go through and list everyone who ATTENDED and what seat they’re  running for and link all of their Facebook accounts or websites for you where you can check them out. I’m also listing who currently holds that seat. Since this current city council has been together for many many years this breakdown of term limits could completely change how Knoxville is ran.

With all that said the ball is in your court to go look them up and get out and vote!!!

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Democratic Convention

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Over the weekend Knoxville had their Democratic Convention.

Local Democrats elected a new Chairperson: Emily Gregg.

Gregg made a pretty good speech to begin her time as Chair of the Knox County Democratic Party. She thanked everyone who wanted to be apart of leadership, and thanked Rep. Rick Staples, for nominating her, which was not a surprise, as she had been a volunteer in one of Staples’ many campaigns.


Gregg spoke about how every voice should be heard for a democracy to be truly representative.  I’ll give her credit, Gregg really seemed to light a fire under the seats of every Democrat in the room, even if they felt like they’re where fighting impossible odds. Those were her words, not mine.

Gregg claimed compassion filled the hearts of every Democrat in Knox County; evidently that is an emotion foreign to Republicans.

The Democrat party is fired up to engage new voters and elect more Democrats in Knoxville.  That will be an uphill battle in this red county, especially outside the city limits.

Besides a new Chair Woman, Democrats elected Linda Haney Vice Chair, Shannon Webb Treasurer and Alli Cohn as Secretary.
A list of meetings and more info can be found

Pretentious Beer and Glass?

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Pretentious Beer is located in the Heart of the Old City that mixes craft beer and Kombucha in hand- blown glassware. Owner Matthew Cummings has created an atmosphere that creates art with craft beers, which you can’t find anywhere else in Knoxville.

This is another craft beer company to add to our growing Knoxville craft beer loving area.  What sets Pretentious apart is the atmosphere with art on the walls.  The taps are also stunning glass-made right on the other side of the bar and a patio that you can see the back of the GFC sign with lights. There is also a large wooden Jumanji  game  and a intimate stage, making it the perfect setting for a big group to just hang out.

It was a coldish night but I enjoyed walking from the Glass gallery to the patio with my beer in hand.  The artist changes every month, which gives one another reason to go back at least once a month.  The artist that was there was Jonny Glass; it was like watching an intricate ballet as he turned minerals into glass in a red hot fire in 2 giant furnaces.  Jonny worked with a partner, as they knew exactly what to do to make unique wine glasses.   They would heat the glass and hammer it down then reheat it and gently roll to make the shape that they desired and once they are done you can buy them and take them home that night.

Pretentious Beer Co. is open Wednesday- Thursday 4pm- 10pm

Friday-Saturday 4pm-12pm

Sunday 12pm-8pm


With the Glass side open Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm

Friday 8am-9pm

Saturday 3pm-9pm

When the President Calls….

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The Young Republicans met at Puleo’s Grill 110 Cedar Lane, for their monthly meeting.  This meeting was set out to be a huge crowd with Dr. Mark Green, but when Washington calls, one cannot make excuses. When the President calls one must go.

Fortunately, the Young Republicans lucked out when they were able to land Andrew Ogles, who is the Director of Americans For Prosperity for Tennessee. Ogles spoke on the national political scene. Ogles was involved with Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign in 2012 eventually becoming AFP director.

It was a smallish group, so the conversation was more about the proposed hike in the gas tax and who was for it and who was against it.  It was a quick meeting but they did have around 3 new guests who said they would be back next month.
This group is a growing, but it’s hard to grow when targeting a age group of people who don’t seem to understand the importance of knowing what is going on in our local government.  If you are between the ages of 18-40, I invite you to come out and see for yourself, and hear what is going on.  The next meeting will be April 18th at 6p.m. at Puleo’s Grill. The speaker has not been announced as of yet, but an insider has informed me this is a meeting you do not want to miss! It’s a HUGE name. So mark it down on your calendar and I will see you there.

GOP Convention


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For those interested in the Knox County GOP convention, it could be summarized as much ado about nothing.  It was sparsely attended even though the purpose of the meeting was to elect new officers.  Refreshments were supplied by local Republican officeholders and prospective candidates for 2018.  One new facet of the convention was one having to provide ID to be able to vote.


Although several folks had said they were interested in running for County GOP Chairman, in the end, Buddy Burkhardt was nominated to serve for a second term.  Randy Pace did get up to apologize for having caused so much drama, as he was the driving force to deprive the “small” precincts from being able to vote.


In the end, virtually everything stayed the same, which causes one to wonder, was it planned that way?  In any event, the convention certainly could not have bolstered the spirits of diehard Knox County Republicans.