Debates and Stranger Things

Hello Loves, This Congressional race is about to kill me. Does anyone else feel like a mental meltdown is just around the corner every time you think about all the smoke and mirrors that have been put up by the candidates? This past week, The East Knoxville Community Meeting held a Second Congressional Forum. Hubert … Continue reading Debates and Stranger Things

Bill Lee’s Town Hall

Hello Loves, Bill Lee, who is running for Governor, is holding a Town Hall on Thursday, June 28. The location will be Soko Market on 2014 W. Gov. John Sevier Highway from 8:00 am - 9:00 am. This Town Hall will be a way for you to meet and greet with Mr. Lee and hear … Continue reading Bill Lee’s Town Hall

A Horse Named Whisky and Don Ridings

Hello Loves,   Shrimp, cupcakes, beer, wine, a horse named Whisky and more was the sight of Don Ridings event, the Great American Shrimp Kickoff, last Saturday. With around 150 guests and around 60 people who bought tickets, but didn't show up it was a grand first fundraiser of the year for Ridings.   The … Continue reading A Horse Named Whisky and Don Ridings

GOP Convention

  Hello Loves,   For those interested in the Knox County GOP convention, it could be summarized as much ado about nothing.  It was sparsely attended even though the purpose of the meeting was to elect new officers.  Refreshments were supplied by local Republican officeholders and prospective candidates for 2018.  One new facet of the … Continue reading GOP Convention

“JJ” for Mayor?

Hello Loves, Scuttle butt around Knoxville just added another potential candidate for Knox County Mayor.  There is a strong rumor Knox County Sheriff Jimmy “JJ” Jones will turn in his handcuffs and golf shoes in favor of a suit and tie to run for Mayor.   Jones could face Knox County Commissioner Brad Anders, a … Continue reading “JJ” for Mayor?

Karns Republican Club Meeting

  I recently toddled by the Karns Republican Club meeting and it became readily apparent to me it is a necessity for the local GOP to try and open the party gates to welcome new members. Evidently, 7 stouthearted folks form the nucleus of the club, which swells to around 30 people during election time. … Continue reading Karns Republican Club Meeting

Mayor 2018

You might think it’s a bit early to be writing about a campaign that’s almost two years away, but most of us realize once one election is over, the cycle for another starts. County Commissioner Bob Thomas is likely responsible for kicking off the campaign to succeed Mayor Tim Burchett with an uber early announcement … Continue reading Mayor 2018