Coffee and A State Representative​

Hello Loves, I have a great opportunity for you to meet one of our State Representatives. At this meeting, you can hear him talk about what his plan is for the next session, let your voice be heard, and ask the questions you want answered over coffee. Every Tuesday in the month of October State … Continue reading Coffee and A State Representative​

Welcome Lil’ Darlin

Hello Loves,   Let’s welcome to our wonderful and uplifting blog a business that you have heard me talk about many times on Real News Talk Radio 92.3. Mill Creek Brewing Company is our newest advertiser and is out of Nashville, Tennessee. Let me tell you loves, this is my all time favorite craft beer … Continue reading Welcome Lil’ Darlin

My Gateway Grocery

Hello Loves, Let's talk grocery shopping. It's one thing that I hate more than anything. It takes up so much time. I’m horrible about impulse buying and the worst at couponing. I fall for every gimmick that comes up. It usually goes something like this: Salesperson: Excuse me busy lady, would you like to hear … Continue reading My Gateway Grocery


Hello Loves, Do you love ribs, music and politics? Well maybe you don’t like the politics part, but I dare you to find one person in Knoxville that doesn’t like FREE ribs and music. Stacey Campfield is holding a thank you celebration for a blessed life and making new friends. You can eat, drink, be … Continue reading FREE RIBS!

Aww Shucks.

Hello Loves, We have hit the summer season, and that means one thing to appetite... SEAFOOD. Yes loves, I love all things seafood. When I think of summer seafood I think oysters. What better place to get Oysters then Shuck Raw Bar? Located at 5200 Kingston Pike, this one of a kind restaurant will hit … Continue reading Aww Shucks.