The Traveling Southern Kitchen

Hello Loves,   Do you love food trucks? These amazing meals on wheels always make me happy when I see one at an event or on the side of the road. Maybe it's because I love to eat, or maybe  it's because I know for most people who own these food trucks it's their passion … Continue reading The Traveling Southern Kitchen

Pour Some Good Times In Knoxville!

Hello Loves,   A new Knoxville watering hole has open and its concept is not only neat but super fun. Pour located at 207 West Jackson Avenue is a new concept on a bar that doesn't have bartenders and you don't pay by the glass but by the ounce…   When you walk in you're … Continue reading Pour Some Good Times In Knoxville!

Chelsea and Frys

Hello Loves, It’s that time of the week for your quick Chelsea’s update.  Like always I’m so blessed to have Chelsea advertise on my blog and I’m always looking for more people who want to build up  Knoxville, so if you have a small business and you want to see it grow call your go … Continue reading Chelsea and Frys


Hello Loves,   Sandwiched between Tomo’s and Kingston Pike is a new burger place called Mooyah.  In the interest of full disclosure, I worked for a company called Steak ‘n Shake for almost 10 years of my life and they specialize in burgers, so to say I know a little bit about burgers might be … Continue reading MooYUM!


  Hello, Loves   HAPPY THANKSGIVING!   I hope you take the time today to think of the blessings you have in your life, whether it be a comfortable home or apartment, spending time with your family and friends, or special someone. If we think about it, most of us have so many things to … Continue reading Give THANKS


Hello Loves, Who doesn’t just LOVE donuts? There is an amazing donut place just this side of Heaven, right here in Knoxville. Despite being in the gym 6 days a week, donuts are my weakness. Growing up, I spent my summers in a little city in Alabama called Oneonta where my granny’s brother owned a … Continue reading Mmmmm…Donuts!

Babalu’s Tapas and Tacos Review

Hello Loves, I hope you are enjoying my blog. I’ve heard it said Knoxville has more restaurants per person than anywhere else in the United States. It seems every time I turn around a new restaurant has popped up somewhere in Knoxville. I will be the first to admit this isn’t particularly good for my … Continue reading Babalu’s Tapas and Tacos Review