Welcome Lil’ Darlin

Hello Loves,   Let’s welcome to our wonderful and uplifting blog a business that you have heard me talk about many times on Real News Talk Radio 92.3. Mill Creek Brewing Company is our newest advertiser and is out of Nashville, Tennessee. Let me tell you loves, this is my all time favorite craft beer … Continue reading Welcome Lil’ Darlin

Lil Darlin Meets Peachy.

Hello Loves, Craft beer has become a huge staple in our great city. It brings travelers, the locals out, and it’s all around great for our city’s economy and entertainment. So there’s an amazing craft beer out there that I call the official McCalla Around Knoxville beer. It’s called Lil Darlin and its from a … Continue reading Lil Darlin Meets Peachy.

Elkmont Exchange Will Change Central Ave.

Hello Loves, What I love about Knoxville is we are quickly becoming the beer capital of Tennessee. With that being said, a new brewery has opened up and I have fallen in love with everything about it. You will find the Elkmont Exchange off of Central Ave. You can't miss it. There's a large half … Continue reading Elkmont Exchange Will Change Central Ave.

A Taste of History

Hello Loves, Where were you when the World’s Fair was here in Knoxville? Were you born yet? Well I wasn’t born yet, but I do know that I’ve always heard about how amazing it was and how it truly put Knoxville, Tennessee on the map. Well a little bit for our history is coming back. … Continue reading A Taste of History