Larsen Jay Steps Out of The Box

Hello Loves, Larsen Jay has announced a great new way to meet him and experience the great outdoors read his Press Release here.  In my humble opinion, I adore how he thought out of the box and used some of Knoxville's amazing natural resources to reach out to our community.      Larsen Jay announces … Continue reading Larsen Jay Steps Out of The Box

Petition Pick Up So far!

Hello Loves,   Petitions can now be picked up and returned for the Knox County elections next year.  Here is the list as of today of who has picked them one up.   A petition has to be signed by registered voters who reside in the county. It's also the last of the paperwork to … Continue reading Petition Pick Up So far!

A Commissioners Focus

Hello Loves, Knox County Commissioner and Knox County teacher Evelyn Gill has resigned from her position at Fulton High School after she was placed on leave with pay.   She since has been cleared to go back, but Gill resigned instead. It seems to this blogger that Gill has another plan. I keep a close … Continue reading A Commissioners Focus

Karns Republican Club Meeting

  I recently toddled by the Karns Republican Club meeting and it became readily apparent to me it is a necessity for the local GOP to try and open the party gates to welcome new members. Evidently, 7 stouthearted folks form the nucleus of the club, which swells to around 30 people during election time. … Continue reading Karns Republican Club Meeting