Knoxville Today Washington Tomorrow

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Well, they say a picture says a thousand words, but a sign says it all as well. On Saturday our very own Mayor Burchett announced he will be running for Congressman Duncan’s Congressional seat.


The announcement had around 250 to 300 normal people there. I’m not counting the typical politicians I’m talking about the normal average joe’s like you and I that came out to Vol Market to support our county mayor.

His pastor introduced him, talked about how it’s a great day to show your support and how he crossed party lines for his friend and someone he believed in and said a prayer, then the limelight was on Burtchett.


He opened up and recognized Lieutenant Governor Randy Mcnally as one of his dearest friends. Thanked everyone for coming and then it was time to talk about what he was going to do.  He portrayed East Tennessee not as red and blue but as a group of people who want as little of government in our lives as possible.  He spoke on how he has paid down over 50 million of our debt in Knox County.


A focus he had was on our country’s heroes, not the singers or the football players that we idolize so much but the men and women that laid down their lives for us or get hurt and come back home and can’t even get a job or health insurance. A major point of his speech was that veterans have to drive hundreds of miles to get what they need. A tear was saw on his amazing wife’s eyes that was heartfelt as the words that he said.

Burchett Announces-8-5-17-106

He ended with, Washington is to gutless to do anything and how he isn’t that gutless and it was time for someone to stand up and do what’s right, not what’s popular. The main points for his speech is veterans need help, to much government, how Washington should listen to us here in East Tennessee instead of the “Fat Cats” in Washington. His facebook and twitter is now up and running for you to add and follow.


The race is up and running as Jimmy Matlock also sent a special welcome to the race to Burtchett and that he will be praying for him and his family.

Jason Zachary for Congress??


Hello Loves,


After learning that Congressman Jimmy Duncan and Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett spoke to the East Tennessee Libertarian Party recently, I decided to check it out for myself. It just so happened the speaker that night was State Representative Jason Zachary.


Zachary got his start in politics as a candidate against Jimmy Duncan for Congress in 2014 and won a respectable 40% of the vote. Zachary, a member of the House Transportation Committee, emphatically stated he would not support a hike in the gas tax, which will put him at odds with Governor Bill Haslam. Raising the gas tax is a priority for the Haslam administration, but bucking the odds and the powers that be doesn’t seem to bother Jason Zachary in the least.


Perhaps the most interesting question asked of Zachary that night was whether he would be a candidate for Congress in 2018. Jason Zachary said he prayed from election to election and while only time will tell, I believe he’s off and running.