Another name for the City Mayor Race

Hello Loves, We have another hat thrown in the race for City Mayor, city council member Marshall Stair has picked up papers to run. Marshall has been on city council for 7 years and stated on his facebook that he is “passionate about our city and look forward to sharing his ideas and most importantly, … Continue reading Another name for the City Mayor Race

The New 5 City Council Members

Hello Loves,   Election Day has come and gone and now we have five new city council members who will be sworn in soon. It was definitely a women's night as four of the five that won where women. WIth around 80,000 citizens that could have voted, the turnout was around maybe 11,000 who got … Continue reading The New 5 City Council Members

Big Ideas for Knoxville

Hello Loves, Lord have mercy. I've been trying to hit all these city council candidate events and it's  wearing me out. First we had the Sixth District get out the vote. Also Brandon Bruce who is running for the Second District. Bruce had a meet n greet at the Plaid Apron in Sequoyah Hills. There … Continue reading Big Ideas for Knoxville

City of Knoxville Candidates

Hello Loves,   The city of Knoxville elections are in full bloom with some candidates already knocking on doors such as Lauren Rider a candidate for District 4. Eastminster Presbyterian Church hosted a 19 candidate meet n greet style forum and it was packed full of concerned voters and people who wanted to hear from … Continue reading City of Knoxville Candidates

Broadway Renovations

  Hello Loves, Being your resident girl-on-the-go, I attended a community meeting to discuss improvements along Broadway on November 1. These improvements could mean a huge change for North Knoxville and being a born and raised Fountain City girl, the notion means a lot to me. Admittedly, Broadway could use some updating, but I think … Continue reading Broadway Renovations