Larsen Jay Steps Out of The Box

Hello Loves, Larsen Jay has announced a great new way to meet him and experience the great outdoors read his Press Release here.  In my humble opinion, I adore how he thought out of the box and used some of Knoxville's amazing natural resources to reach out to our community.      Larsen Jay announces … Continue reading Larsen Jay Steps Out of The Box

Glenn Jacobs Meet N Greet

Hello Loves, Are you looking for an event where you can meet the republican primary winner for Knox County Mayor, Glenn Jacobs? He's doing a summer of small business 2.0 meet n greet and TODAY , Jacobs will be at Love that BBQ. This event is so you can meet with Jacobs and ask him … Continue reading Glenn Jacobs Meet N Greet

Vice Chair?

Hello Loves, Oh the rumor mill in Knoxville has me laughing so hard I almost choked on air! That's right loves, the rumors of who is going to run for GOP and Vice Chair have started to rumble and some of this talk is straight out of the donkey’s booty (donkey’s booty? Yeah I said … Continue reading Vice Chair?

Democrats for Hank Hamblin

Hello Loves, This Congressional Race is starting to get some endorsements. Congressman Duncan endorsed State Representative Jimmy Matlock (no surprise there) and now Hank Hamblin has an endorsement from a side the Republicans rarely see. A Democratic woman by the name of Edie, has decided to switch over from her norm of voting for a … Continue reading Democrats for Hank Hamblin


Hello Loves, It's here, the day I have been waiting for all year long.  No its not election day, or Christmas, both days bring a smile to my face but to see the real joy in your go to girl for Knoxville’s face just mention one  word…. DONUTS. Yes Loves its national donut day and … Continue reading FRIDAY IS…..

My thoughts on Today.

Hello Loves, As Memorial Day comes to a end I wanted to end this day that honors our fallen heroes with a thank you. A thank you to our wonderful politicians who knocked on doors today, who took the time out of their day to try to earn you vote. That took the time to … Continue reading My thoughts on Today.