The Traveling Southern Kitchen

Hello Loves,   Do you love food trucks? These amazing meals on wheels always make me happy when I see one at an event or on the side of the road. Maybe it's because I love to eat, or maybe  it's because I know for most people who own these food trucks it's their passion … Continue reading The Traveling Southern Kitchen

Welcome Wayne Christensen

Hello Loves, Please welcome our newest advertiser Wayne Christensen who is running for City Council District Two. Christensen is in the final push for seat 2, and he has decided to advertise with this great blog that up lifts Knoxville. Christensen is a veteran that has lived in Knoxville for the majority of his life … Continue reading Welcome Wayne Christensen

Jesse Nelson’s HUGE SUCCESS

Hello Loves,   Tonight Jesse Nelson had his campaign kick off tonight at Calhoun's on Kingston Pike. With over 100 people attending he is up and running a strong fight for the seat currently held by Representative Roger Kane who is running for Knox County Court Clerk.     The people who where there were … Continue reading Jesse Nelson’s HUGE SUCCESS

An Event You Do Not Want To Miss! 

Hello Loves,   State Representative Jason Zachary is hosting an event you do not want to miss! As most of you know there's an election next year for governor in Tennessee and Knoxville is the city to win. Zachary will be hosting the first woman Speaker of the House that Tennessee has ever had, Speaker … Continue reading An Event You Do Not Want To Miss! 

Welcome Richard Esparza

Hello Loves,   Let's welcome our newest advertiser to McCalla Around Knoxville, Richard Esparza with Access Solutions. Access Solutions is a great way to not only brand yourself but spread the word through Knoxville and the whole state of Tennessee about your business or yourself. From T-shirts, yard signs, to footballs, to pens and business … Continue reading Welcome Richard Esparza

A Sad Day For America….

Hello Loves,   As a Knoxville Blogger I try to not even speak on anything else other than Knoxville, but today my heart breaks for Las Vegas. My heart hurts for the families, the love ones and everyone involved.  I'm also shaken to the core that this happened in America. Does fear now ring in … Continue reading A Sad Day For America….

Food from the Heart, food for the Soul!

Hello Loves, Knoxville is finally going to have a true soul food restaurant  and boy o boy I'm counting down the days until I can get my hands on some Fried Green Tomatoes..  LaFetta’s owned by David Gillette is having their Grand Opening on Oct 6th.  The location is 703 N Cherry St, and I cannot … Continue reading Food from the Heart, food for the Soul!