Corn And Tomato Festival

Hello Loves, I am so excited about this mark your calendar NOW!   New Harvest Farmers Market to host Corn/ Tomato Festival   Who:          Knox County Parks and Recreation   What:         Third Annual Corn and Tomato Festival                         When:        Thursday, July 26                                                                                                           3 p.m. to 6 p.m.   Where:       New Harvest Park 4775 New … Continue reading Corn And Tomato Festival

Unveiling of the New Veteran’s Mile

Hello Loves, This week State Representative Roger Kane unveiled the military signs that will be on Solway. The Veteran’s Mile has been named this for about 10 years now, but they only had one sign. Now, thanks to State Representative Roger Kane and State Representative Ragan, every branch of the military will be there now. … Continue reading Unveiling of the New Veteran’s Mile

What is in your Mailbox?

Hello Loves, With early voting one week away here are the mailers that I have received this week. First up, Bill Lee running for Governor.   Second, Mayor Tim Burchett running for the 2nd Congressional seat.  Mailer 1     Third, Mayor Tim Burchett Running for the 2nd Congressional seat.  Mailer 2     Finally, … Continue reading What is in your Mailbox?

The Shadow Side of Knoxville

Hello Loves, Are you looking for an haunted adventure that is full of history and ghosts? Shadow Side Ghost Tour put on by The Knoxville History Project and Knoxville Walking Tours is an educational and family friendly tour that you should check out.   This tour is full of Knoxville history and there's no doubt … Continue reading The Shadow Side of Knoxville

Signs Stealing?

Hello Loves Everyone has heard me talk about dirty politics before. Today I seen just how far the Jimmy Matlock campaign is willing to go. While on Northshore Dr. Today I witnessed a SUV stealing Tim Burchett for Congress signs. They had Matlock signs in their car along with a Matlock sticker on the back. … Continue reading Signs Stealing?

Vice Chair?

Hello Loves, Oh the rumor mill in Knoxville has me laughing so hard I almost choked on air! That's right loves, the rumors of who is going to run for GOP and Vice Chair have started to rumble and some of this talk is straight out of the donkey’s booty (donkey’s booty? Yeah I said … Continue reading Vice Chair?

My thoughts on Today.

Hello Loves, As Memorial Day comes to a end I wanted to end this day that honors our fallen heroes with a thank you. A thank you to our wonderful politicians who knocked on doors today, who took the time out of their day to try to earn you vote. That took the time to … Continue reading My thoughts on Today.