Coffee and A State Representative​

Hello Loves, I have a great opportunity for you to meet one of our State Representatives. At this meeting, you can hear him talk about what his plan is for the next session, let your voice be heard, and ask the questions you want answered over coffee. Every Tuesday in the month of October State … Continue reading Coffee and A State Representative​

New Website!

Hello Loves, Commissioner Larsen Jay is upholding his campaign promise and launched his new website. This website will be a new way to better connect the people of Knox County and our local government. Larsen spoke about this website many times and now it is up and ready for you to use. Go check it … Continue reading New Website!

Roger Kane’s New Job

Hello Loves, State Representative Roger Kane spoke for the first time at a Republican meeting about his new job with our Knox County Mayor, Glenn Jacobs. The link below will have his whole speech. From what I gathered, his job is to bridge the gap between the Mayor and the School Board and hold the … Continue reading Roger Kane’s New Job

Another name for the City Mayor Race

Hello Loves, We have another hat thrown in the race for City Mayor, city council member Marshall Stair has picked up papers to run. Marshall has been on city council for 7 years and stated on his facebook that he is “passionate about our city and look forward to sharing his ideas and most importantly, … Continue reading Another name for the City Mayor Race

Happy Birthday,​ Mayor!

Hello Loves, Please, make sure you Tweet, Facebook, Call or just hunt down, our wonderful Knox County Mayor and I think our next Congressman, Tim Burchett and wish him a Happy Birthday! Today we celebrate you, mayor, for your leadership, for your dedication to our amazing county, and we all feel blessed that you were born … Continue reading Happy Birthday,​ Mayor!

Welcome Re-Elect Eddie Smith

Hello Loves, Welcome to our uplifting blog, State Representative Eddie Smith. Eddie Smith is Your representative for the 13th district and is running for re-election.  Smith has worked hard with building up our schools and daily working hard to better off his district, he would like to continue to be your state representative.  You can … Continue reading Welcome Re-Elect Eddie Smith

The Democrats​ Take Charge

Hello Loves, On Tuesday afternoon, I was eating lunch when I heard a knock on my door. I opened the door and a nice man started his door to door speech about, Phil Bredesen running for U.S. Senate, Gloria Johnson running for State Representative against Eddie Smith, and Jamie Ballinger running for State Senate. I’ll … Continue reading The Democrats​ Take Charge