Hello Loves, I feel like I have typed more blogs about political signs than I have about anything else. Have no fear, my loves, we are almost to the end. I was working Downtown West the other day when the Election Commission Boss and rule follower, Cliff Rodgers, came by with the most disgusted look … Continue reading YARD SIGNS!!!!

Bob Thomas Cleared of Campaign Stunt

Hello Loves, It has been a busy week with everything from early voting starting, the removal of signs, and the ethics committee. The media has had to stay on their toes to keep up with everything that's going on.  I’ll touch on early voting and sign removal on another blog. For now I only want … Continue reading Bob Thomas Cleared of Campaign Stunt

Early Voting Starts Today and More!

Hello Loves, Well the day is here…. Not only is today your go to girl for Knoxville's Birthday! It is  also EARLY VOTING!!! Here is your chance to let your voices be heard, by voting! No worries Knoxville, if you wanted to get me a birthday present just donate to Mayor Burchett’s Campaign. Oops, did … Continue reading Early Voting Starts Today and More!

Holy Moly Endorsements

Hello Loves, Holy Moly Endorsements! We are less than two weeks away from early voting and the endorsements have been rolling in for Commissioner Bob Thomas running for Knox County Mayor and an advertiser on this blog. I’ll link the endorsements below so you can see them for yourself, they have been coming from everyone … Continue reading Holy Moly Endorsements

Glenn Jacobs Press Release

Hello Loves, My job as a honest blogger is to blog as much information as I can about every candidate.             I was sent this press release from Glenn Jacobs running for Knox County Mayor's campaign  team, Read what he has to say.   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Media Contact: … Continue reading Glenn Jacobs Press Release

Stacey Campfield is RUNNING!

Hello  Loves  Your go to girl is the very first person to announce that the official treasure report has been pulled and a petition will be filled out, most likely before the end of the week. Stacey Campfield former State Senator, is running for Roger Kanes seat in the state house. Yes Loves, you read … Continue reading Stacey Campfield is RUNNING!

Swag Bag 2018

Hello Loves, Let’s talk swag bags. Knox County's GOP had there Lincoln Day Dinner and there were Swag bags for each seat. Candidates running for an office are allowed to donate an item to each bag as a way to get their names out to the attendees. I like seeing the different items that people … Continue reading Swag Bag 2018