Local Ingredients and Tacos!

Hello Loves, Tacos, tequila and whiskey.  These are the three words that make up Chivo Taqueria in Downtown Knoxville. Let me tell you, this place is perfect for a good meal and drinks. Let’s start with the food. I am a taco loving woman. If anyone asks me what I want for breakfast, lunch, or … Continue reading Local Ingredients and Tacos!

International Women’s Day

Hello Loves, International Women's Day 2018 is March 8th which is today my loves! What is International Women’s Day? It is the day that commemorates the movement for women's rights.  This is when we celebrate the fact that we can use our voices and vote for who we want, have equal pay, reproductive rights, own … Continue reading International Women’s Day

O’Connor Center Pancake Festival

Hello Loves, On Friday the O'connor Center had their biggest fundraiser of the year; The Pancake Festival. Here are a few pictures of everything.  Just to remind you this event was just five dollars for all you can eat pancakes. The O'connor Center helps seniors all over Knoxville be more active with computer classes, medical … Continue reading O’Connor Center Pancake Festival

Pancakes to Help

Hello Loves, Who doesn't love light, fluffy, buttery pancakes? No one, that’s who. I love them. This Friday I have just the place for you to eat as many pancakes is your little ole heart desires! The O'Connor Senior Center is having their Annual Pancake Festival from 7:00 am - 1:00 pm this Friday. Tickets … Continue reading Pancakes to Help

You Are Invited!

Hello Loves, It’s another Campaign Kick-off! This one is for Charlie Susano who is running for Circuit Court Clerk. Ok ya’ll, here is the plan. It’s being held Thursday, February 1st at the Foundry from 5:00-7:00 pm. Food and Beverage will be provided and donations will be accepted, but not required to attend. I know … Continue reading You Are Invited!

Rallies and Much More

Hello Loves, This past weekend was full of rallies. I tried to cover as much as I could, but the Women's March and The Right to Life March were at the same time. Needless to say, I did a lot of walking to get to both of them.   The Women's March was held at … Continue reading Rallies and Much More

Help Fellow Knoxvillians

Hello Loves, As I'm writing this it’s 14 degrees outside. I am cozied on my couch thinking about how blessed I am for warmth of my little heater by my feet and a fuzzy blanket wrapped around me. I'm a blessed woman but I do not take that for granted.  All my life I grew … Continue reading Help Fellow Knoxvillians