About Me

Hello Loves,

Welcome to my blog McCalla Around Knoxville. I’m McCalla, your “go to girl” for Knoxville.




It is my desire that through this blog you will fall in love with everything Knoxville has to offer. From unique outdoor venues to daily doses of political craziness, Knoxville has it all. Even thought I was born and raised here, I live in this amazing city and go to events as if I were a tourist. Seeing the Sunsphere still makes my heart race like it did when I was five years old.

Our slow and easy Tennessee River that runs through the heart of our downtown always makes me tear up when I can just sit and appreciate its beauty. Attractions like the Knoxville Zoo, Ijams Nature Center, and our outdoor community set us apart from the bigger cities. Knoxville has a miraculous way of having the hustle and bustle to keep up with Nashville, but still manages to keep its roots enough to give that cozy hometown feeling.


What you will see in this blog is a one woman’s passion for our city of Knoxville. I will show you how it is the best place to live, vacation, and to be a part of. You’ll read some sassiness and I will try to be as non partisan as I can be about local government. I believe that change starts at the foundation and without a strong foundation in small local government a city will crumble. If it has a strong community and leaders that care, it can withstand anything that comes along the way. When you have strong leaders on the City Council, County Commision, and even the School Board, you will see a change within months instead of the years that it will take a President’s changes to take effect.


So enjoy the reading! I’m sure there will be a few misspelled words, way to many commas, and enough mom jokes to make you roll your eyes.


My desire for this blog is to always up lift and not tear down or post slander about anyone. There will always be blogs, people, and newspapers out there that will tell you the doom and gloom, but that’s not true here. If we look for the good in everything, we will always see the rainbow through the storm.So if you want to read a blog about Knoxville events, my adventures through town, and political facts that are all delivered with a little bit of sass then you have come to the right place! Thanks for reading Loves! And as always, God Loves You!