Downtown Christmas Parade

Hello Loves,

This Friday is the downtown Christmas Parade and I am here as your go-to girl for Knoxville to give you some tips on how to make the night perfect for a date night, a family-friendly event or just to go and get into the Christmas spirit. The WIVK Christmas Parade will start on Church Street towards Gay street and will turn onto East Jackson Street and end in the Old City just past Barleys.  This parade will go rain or shine, so make sure you dress accordingly. You are not supposed to go throw candy from the floats, but I would always bring a little bag if you have one, just in case someone sneaks some candy in. Being a mom, you do not want a jacket full of melted chocolate because you didn’t bring a bag. I also always bring cash. The past few years there have been little gadgets that you can buy that blink and sparkle, but they only take cash. The Parade will start at 7pm and at the end of the parade the main person will be Santa himself.


When you’re done with this great event, you can walk on to Market Square to go ice skating or check out the Elf on the Shelf event that is going on through January. Hope to see you all there, Loves!

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