Republican Chairman?

Hello Loves,

The Republican Party of Knoxville is due to elect a new chair and vice chair soon. The rumor mill is going so strong I fear it may bust down the walls soon. Of course, we have Randy Pace running. He’s been a member of the Republican party for a while and has attended almost every event and meeting. He is a transplant from New Jersey, but he has wholeheartedly thrown himself into Knoxville’s Republican party with both feet in and a few new gray hairs. His name was up the last time we voted, but due to a sneak attack, it didn’t seem to be written in the cards for him. This time he is running and wanting to be the new leader and cat wrangler of our group.  Another name that has been tossed and thrown around are maybe past chairmen. My thoughts on this are it may be time we have some new blood. I’m not always a fan of people running over and over. I think we should take advantage of this opportunity to grab ahold of some of these young Republicans and teach them. I think we need someone who will do that and not move us back to our past days.


As you know we have lots of new faces on Commission and what we are seeing is our younger crowd trying to take over. For example, Justin Biggs who won through social media. The more I see, I more I think our Republican party needs a leader that can move with the times.


I’m not sure who that leader will be as of yet. I’m still holding out for Ryan Hyans, but as he told me before he’s not going to be running for that.


So whose name will get thrown in the race? Are there any women who are willing to step up and be a leader filling Suzanne shoes? It is not going to be easy at all, does that woman ever sleep?


Our chance is now, but who is going to take it ?

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