Burchett’s Event and the Red Button

Hello Loves,

Former Mayor Tim Burchett had his final campaign fundraiser before he is elected Congressman Tomorrow, well at least I think he will be elected.

Last nights event was busting at the seams, with elected officials, voters and supporters of Burchett.  We all gathered at the home of Scott Davis, and with standing room only as we all got to hear congressman Jim  Jordan, co-founder of the House Freedom Caucus And Congressman Mark Meadows speak and fire us up for tomorrow election.

The link below will allow you to hear Burchett’s speech who attended and Congressman Jordan speak, The video was shut off after Congressman Meadows asked us to not record as he told personal stories about the president and the congressman.

speech and more

All I can say is if you didn’t attend, there is a red button in the oval office and when you push it big things happen Loves.

All and All the event sparked a fire under everyone that attended to make sure we get out and push for the conservative Republican vote and make sure we get all our friends out to vote.

Less than 24 hours loves and it will be election Get ready!

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