Politics​ and Football

Hello Loves,

A few Saturday’s ago I  attended the Florida vs Tennessee game. The game was a complete loss, but the tailgating definitely wasn’t.

Tailgating isn’t just about good food, friends, and maybe some beverages of your choice. Now it’s about campaigning and getting the word out.  I attended the Bill Lee and Marsha Blackburn tailgate and the tailgate alone was worth the heat. There was not only had political people there, but you also had many volunteers letting the whole Knoxville area know these Republican are running and they want your vote. Opportunities like this give all candidates a way to get out in the community more. Local familiar faces that where there were Mayor Tim Burchett, running for Congress, State Senator Richard Briggs running for re-election, Senator Becky Duncan Massey, State representative Jason Zachary, and even congressman Craig Flaskman from the Chattanooga area came by and socialized. Of course, I can’t leave out our wonderful new Sheriff Tom Spangler.

It’s events like this that I encourage you to go to, in less than 1 hour you could have met all of these wonderful people and got their answers to any and every question you wanted.

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