I Scream, You Scream, Ice Cream!

Hello Loves,

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! I don’t scream for just any ice cream, either. It’s locally owned Cruze Farm Ice Cream. Cruze Farm has a permanent location at 445 South Gay St #3. I only wish I could eat ice cream every day. Cruze Farm makes a non-ice cream product that I could drink by the gallons, it’s their Coffee Milk. I’m pretty sure it’s the best thing man has ever created… second only to donuts. It is Cruze farm milk mixed with cream and sweetened coffee served cold. I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to mix it with cold brew coffee as a creamer, but not this go-to girl. I drink it straight like regular milk and it is amazing.  

This New permanent Gay street Location has a great open fill that takes you back to Ice cream salons in the 50s. There are no tables but you walk in and are greeted by pictures of the smiling staff downtown and the colorful menu on the wall.  Children and Adults smile going in and out of this great business that will help Knoxville in so many ways. Go on and check it out. Their hours are Sunday Noon to 10pm. Monday- Thursday noon to 11pm and Friday and Saturday noon to midnight. You can also look them up on their website cruzefarm.com.

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