How Campaign Season Should Be

Hello Loves,


Let’s talk about campaigns, slander, and rising above.  Knoxville’s 2nd Congressional Campaign was ROUGH! I wrote several blogs about signs being stolen, tossing hateful words back and forth, and more. Another little something that was rumored is that I “hate” Jimmy Matlock. Now it’s a well-known fact that I am definitely a Burchett supporter. I’ll never hide that. I also own a blog that many voters read to gain information on who they will elect. It’s my job to give you, my wonderful readers, all the information for you need to make informed choices for yourself.

With all of that said, I was standing in the receiving line of my Pops a few weeks ago. We were hugging and shaking hands with many different people who were a part of my Pops 98 years on this Earth. Church members, family members, Circuit Court Clerk Charlie Suzano all came to pay their respects. Then State Representative Jimmy Matlock and his wife unexpectedly walked in the door.


Now I know what you’re asking yourself, why is this blog worthy? Because, State Rep. Jimmy Matlock knew my Pops. They traded together when my Pops worked at Watsons. Matlock knew that Dwight Coppock was my Pops, I was standing in that line, and he still came to paid his respects. See Loves, that is how we do Campaigns. That is how we run for office.


We run hard, we push to win, and when it’s done it’s done. Whether you won or lost, you move on and you don’t hold grudges. That is how we do this crazy thing called politics. Thank you Jimmy Matlock, for saying goodbye to my Pops. I’m sure he would have shook your hand and y’all would have had some great stories to tell.

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