Bredesen leaves Some Information Out….

Hello Loves,

Oh goodness, Phil Bredesen’s new youtube video is trying hard to make the GOP (every Republican for that matter) to crossover and cast their votes for him. The video starts out with my mentor, Scottie Nell Hughes, talking about how Trump supporters are also fans of Phil Bredesen. It goes on with Bob Corker talking about how Bredesen was a good Governor, a good Mayor, and that he brought the Tennessee Titans back. The video shows that the Democrats and Phil are trying hard to try to make him more appealing to the Republicans in hopes that they will vote for him.

I spoke with Scottie and just what I expected, her interview was taken out of context. Those things were said, but they left out a lot that was said afterwards. Same with Bob Corker.


Let the games begin! This Senate race is going to get dirty.


See what I mean Click Here and watch.


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