Ashley Nickloes Meet and Greet

Hello Loves,


Ashley Nickloes, who is running for the Second Congressional race, hosted a Meet and greet. While in attendance I developed a further understanding of the principles Ashley stands for. Ashley shared her key points that stood out when she was called to run. Doors started to open for her to run after she let God decide what was in her best interests. Serving the military with the utmost respect and honor is a priority that she will continue to support while in Congress.


When people questioned the tactics that she would implore to accomplish the main tasks Ashley said “We must first find a middle ground. We do not have to compromise our beliefs, but we still have to find common ground”. This statement was uplifting and impressive, and she displayed how well she can handle herself. Ashley seems to understand that you can not go to Washington and run over everyone, and we have to towards bipartisan relationships.

The crowd was very responsive and the questions were flowing, I wasn’t able to stay for the whole event because I had two other events to attend. Here is a clip of Ashley’s interaction with some of the attendees and supporters.


Watch Ashley’s Clip

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