Welcome Lil’ Darlin

Hello Loves,


Let’s welcome to our wonderful and uplifting blog a business that you have heard me talk about many times on Real News Talk Radio 92.3. Mill Creek Brewing Company is our newest advertiser and is out of Nashville, Tennessee. Let me tell you loves, this is my all time favorite craft beer and you can buy it locally in Knoxville.


My favorite beer is called Lil’ Darlin. It’s a citrus infused wheat beer that is perfect for a hot day on the lake or at the pool. They have a variety of other craft beers as well. I’ll give you a rundown of my favorites at the end.


The go-to guy in Knoxville for Mill Creek is Robert Gomez, the East Tennessee Sales Manager for the company. He can help you get these craft beers in your hand or in your bar. He can get you samples or set up events that promote Mill Creek to grow your bar business. You can also check out their website and go find out where you can buy these beers. I buy mine at the Bearden Beer Market.


Here is Robert’s information if you want to contact him.


And follow them on Twitter: @millcreekbrewco Facebook: @millcreekbrewco and instagram:@millcreekbrewco  


check them out and thank you Mill Creek Brewing Company and Robert Gomez for advertising with the  blog that uplifts Knoxville.  


My Favorite Mill Creek Beers:

Core Beers

Lil Darlin: a citrus wheat beer… and obviously my favorite

Transcendent: another tropical IPA, but with more mango and pineapple. It’s a hoppy one for sure.

Golden Ale: The Official Craft Beer of  The Nashville Soccer Club. Very clean and crisp.



Oktoberfest: A rich, malty, dark, and beautiful lager

Sunsplash (Green Can): Same as the red can, but with the addition of pineapple and coconut

Wishing Well: (Draft Only) : A strong coffee oatmeal stout that is as black as night. A great cold weather choice.

Peachy Darlin: Hands down my favorite spring beer. It’s Lil Darlin, but with peaches. Can you really ask for more?

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