My Gateway Grocery

Hello Loves,

Let’s talk grocery shopping. It’s one thing that I hate more than anything. It takes up so much time. I’m horrible about impulse buying and the worst at couponing. I fall for every gimmick that comes up. It usually goes something like this:

Salesperson: Excuse me busy lady, would you like to hear of a great deal we have?

Me: Well I’m just here to buy some quick things…

Salesperson: But we have this great deal on dog food. Would  6 bags of dog food for the price of 12?

Me: Why yes, yes I would love to spend more money on a ridiculous amount of dog food with nowhere to store it at my house.

So obviously I have some real strong feelings against grocery shopping. I have found a light at the end of of grocery tunnel, loves. I heard about this company called Gateway Grocery Delivery a while ago, but never really looked into it. Over the past week I was running low on time and needed groceries to take on an out of town trip. I figured I would give it a try and I facebooked the Gateway team. I told them my shopping list (and brand if it mattered), when I needed them, and where to deliver it. I was that simple. They DELIVERED IT TO MY DOORSTEP in the pouring rain. It was a huge blessing and saved me so much time. I don’t know if I will ever shop for food the old fashion way ever again.

Their business doesn’t stop there though. They also pick up other things than groceries for you. Are you doing a home project, but don’t have a truck to get your stuff from Lowes. Call them.  Need a Target or Walmart run, but don’t want to leave home? Call them. Need a kayak delivered from Dicks? Call them. There is some many other places that they will pick up and deliver from that you really just need to check them out.


So what you do is go on their web site, scroll to the bottom, and hit the start shopping button. From there, you pick where and what you need and they start shopping.  


For $30 a month, you can get unlimited personal shopping. Mommies… this is a life saver. This saves you wear and tear on your car, saves you money on imposed buying, and saves you time.  I definitely love this company and think everyone should try it once.

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