Debates and Stranger Things

Hello Loves,

This Congressional race is about to kill me. Does anyone else feel like a mental meltdown is just around the corner every time you think about all the smoke and mirrors that have been put up by the candidates? This past week, The East Knoxville Community Meeting held a Second Congressional Forum. Hubert Smith was the mediator and all the candidates were invited. The only candidates that were not able to attend were Ashley Nickloes and Tim Burchett due to previous arrangements. Great questions were asked to all the candidates. Then something candidate and State Rep. Jimmy Matlock started to make his attack.

Representative Matlock was asked a question (unrelated to his next action). He reached over, took the paper with Ashley’s name on for her seat, and wrote Mayor Burchetts name on it. Instead of answering the question that he was asked, Senator Matlock made a speech about the absence of Mayor Burchett. He was questioning why Burchett doesn’t go to open debates and specifically why he wouldn’t debate with Matlock himself.

This little attack struck me as very strange. I recently received an email from someone on Matlock’s asking for my email for a lawyer so I can’t go directly to the Matlock campaign and ask about his speech at the event.  I did go to a person that I CAN talk to, Mayor Burchett himself. I asked him why he chooses to not go to these debates and debate with Matlock. He simply put it as he has been going door to door. I will also add that he is also still the Mayor of Knox County. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s probably a very busy job.
I’m not sure why Jimmy Matlock is worried about empty seats. Maybe it’s because Victor Ashe wrote about his empty seat as a Representive and missed votes on the Transportation Committee. Here is the link to that story with KnoxNews..

Either way, I feel we still need to focus on getting every vote we can. We don’t need to be attacking each other! But what do I know. I don’t know anything…. I mean who even is Jane and such? I’m sure we all can agree with only  1 week till early voting, we are in for a bumpy ride til the end.

11 thoughts on “Debates and Stranger Things

    1. Just shut up and debate!
      All the candidates are going door to door.
      Jimmy is out standing on the street corners at 6 AM most mornings.
      Is the mayor going to keeping running on the
      “I’m a victim platform”?
      Obviously, yes.
      He refuses to answer any hard questions.


  1. Ok. I read your blog from time to time just to waste time. There are so many errors and mistakes with this blog. 1. Representive Matlock is a State Representive, not a Senator. 2. Mayor Burchett is the Mayor of Knox County, not Knoxville.

    I am a fan of Ashley Nickloes, but the reality is that Burchett has a solid base being from a large populated County such as Knox. That alone is hard to overcome. Burchett is one of the hardest working “political” guys I’ve ever seen. The guy just hasn’t stopped.

    I would suggest you proof read you blog before actually pressing the submit button.


  2. Help me understand. Matlock’s campaign said you couldn’t ask him questions directly but that questions had to go through a lawyer? Because that sounds made up, not by you but by them. May I use this space to fulfill a little self therapy I’ve been working on? Thank you.

    The way I see it, there are some people that are just dumb. Not to imply that they can’t be highly functional, but denying their dumbness is an exercise in futility. To make an obtuse comment like “questions should be directed towards attorney Dewey Cheathem” is precisely what a dumb individual would say. It shows immaturity.

    But allow me to play the Devil’s advocate. An attorney might be a good buffer for Matlock if you had indicated you wanted to question his relationship with convicted adulterer (what else to you call a vote by the legislature on your ouster but a conviction in the court of public opinion) Jeremy Durham. Why did Matlock really run against Speaker Harwell? If he had won would he have saved Durham’s political career? Or did Matlock run against Harwell because, when compared to the company he keeps, he doesn’t respect women? I could see why he would want an attorney to speak for him, it’s because Matlock is just dumb.


    1. Jimmy was ask by a PAC to run against Harwell. Victor Ashe actually donated to that cause. He also wanted Harwell out.
      Ashe knows all of this story but chose to take the political low road.
      After all, he did throw the mayor a fundraiser and donated the max.
      He didn’t want to look Dumb.


  3. Im not sure, I was sent a facebook message from someone on facebook asking for my email for a lawyer to send me some papers , that person is on the Matlock Campgian team and said it was concerning my blog.


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