Lil Darlin Meets Peachy.

Hello Loves,

Craft beer has become a huge staple in our great city. It brings travelers, the locals out, and it’s all around great for our city’s economy and entertainment. So there’s an amazing craft beer out there that I call the official McCalla Around Knoxville beer. It’s called Lil Darlin and its from a company called Mill Creek. It is a citrus infused wheat beer that is light and perfect for that boat drinking day or laying by the pool.

Well Loves, they have stepped up their game and came out with a beer called… drum roll please… Peachy Darlin. Yes, they have taken my favorite beer and infused it with refreshing and summery peach. With that little hint of peach in every sip, it is a perfect change up from my favorite Lil Darlin. Where can you get this locally you ask? You can go by Hops and Holler or Bearden Beer Market, but you better hurry. This McCalla Around Knoxville beer is flowing from the taps and flying off the shelves! If you want to try it out leave a comment and I can tell you where to find in in further detail.

So loves, get out and go grab my favorite beer!

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