Aww Shucks.

Hello Loves,

We have hit the summer season, and that means one thing to appetite… SEAFOOD. Yes loves, I love all things seafood. When I think of summer seafood I think oysters. What better place to get Oysters then Shuck Raw Bar? Located at 5200 Kingston Pike, this one of a kind restaurant will hit all your oyster and crab legs cravings without piling the family in the car for a 6 hour drive  to the beach.

Now let’s talk prices! This isn’t a date place where you can get out for under $30, so come prepared to drop some cash, Loves. Now even though you are going to spend a little more money, the food is totally worth it. You can have anything from oysters (raw or cooked) to fried grouper to crab legs galore. This is a great place to just feel like your at the beach. It doesn’t get super slammed, but from I hear Monday is the best day to go because they half off specials. Want the icing on the cake? They serve my favorite beer, which pairs nicely with everything on the menu if I do say so myself.

This is a great place to go and try something you have never tried before. I was scared out of my mind to eat oysters because I was for sure they were going to be gross. They are pretty good my friends! Just remember, when in doubt add more lemon. They are totally worth it.  

Shucks gives my summer approval and it also is another great place for you to add to your summer list of great food! So head on in, order some crab legs and a few Mill Creek Lil Darlin’ beers. Don’t forget to tell them your go to girl for Knoxville sent you!

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