A Great Handbag,A Strong Woman, and Knoxville

Hello Loves,

As I sit here thinking about the big headlines that are going through our social medias and new outlets, one story hits my heart so hard I couldn’t keep from writing about it.  After hearing about the death of Kate Spade, my mind immediately started to wonder why would she want to do this. Why would a woman full of life, brilliant ideas and style, and such a drive to start a company that thrives to the top carry so much darkness that she took her own life? Then I realized, it’s not a why, but a how. Why did she take her own life? Because she carried something inside that she could not handle. The question should be how. How did such a beloved woman feel alone that she felt her only option was to end her life?

I am a Kate Spade fan and a woman that knows a great handbag. I bought Kate Spade’s bags because she stood for strong women who try make their way to the top and their dreams come true. Like most people, Kate had some demons and unfortunately she could not overcome those demons. I can’t help but think ….. in Knoxville, what strong individuals have their dreams stolen away by demons that no one will really ever know?


I don’t know her demons, but I know the ones I face. People saying you’re not good enough, people bringing you down, and hateful words are a few of the types of demons I am talking about. I see it in every race that I work. There are people out there that will harp your faults or mistakes that you have made along the way. They will bring it up every time they can that will benefit them or hinder you. Some will even flat out lie to get a leg up on the opponent. These people are bullies.


Loves, we cannot let these people win. We have to stand up for the good guys. We have to face this mental illness that is spreading like wildfire. We have to love each other. Love those who hate. Love those who bad-mouth and love those who make our life hard. Because we never know what demons people are facing. So today loves, go out into our great city and spread the love. Be aware that everyone is fighting their own personal demons and try not to be that demon for someone.


For those who are the bullies in the world, stop to take a look at the pain your words can cause and learn to be a decent human being.

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