Hike to Commission.

Hello Loves,

This past Saturday your go to girl went with Larsen Jay, Republican candidate for county commission at large seat 10. Larsen held a new kind of meet-n-greet that went over really well. It was his hike House Mountain event and that’s just what we did. A group of around 25 people met at the bottom off House Mountain and for about 2 hours we hiked and listened to Larsen talk about his plan for County Commission. It wasn’t all talk and no play. We also discussed bigger issues and spoke about what we all could do to work together to make Knoxville the best we can be. I had no idea that Knox County and the Boy Scouts take care of the upkeep of that hike trail and I don’t think Knoxvillians really realize how amazing it is there. Its like Larsen told all of us, this hike is great if you don’t want to drive up to the mountains for a pretty moderately hard hike. It is right in our backyard.

Larsen has a Democratic opposition this election, but he is focused on truly reaching out into the community and upfliting our city. It’s not just about becoming a Commissioner for Larsen. It’s about doing what you said you will do and continuing to build the county up.


Larsen has 2 more events like this coming up. One will be a biking event at Baker’s Creek Preserve on June 30th and a paddle event on July 7th at the Cove at Concord. Keep checking back to McCalla Around Knoxville for more updates.


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