Vice Chair?

Hello Loves,

Oh the rumor mill in Knoxville has me laughing so hard I almost choked on air! That’s right loves, the rumors of who is going to run for GOP and Vice Chair have started to rumble and some of this talk is straight out of the donkey’s booty (donkey’s booty? Yeah I said it, just go with it). Let’s start with the rumor that makes me laugh the most! Word on the streets is your go to girl for Knoxville is running for Vice Chair. As much as I whole hardly think I could do the job this is definitely not true. I’ll give you a few reason why.


First of all, I don’t always vote Republican! WHAT?! That’s right loves, this mostly Republican girl will cross over if she feels the Democratic candidate is better for the job. For example, when Representative Rick Staple ran for County Commission District One against Michael Convention I crossed that line so fast your skin would jump. I felt like Staples would uphold that district and do well in that Commissioner seat. He didn’t win and for good reason because now Commissioner Evelyn Gill has completely taken over that seat and no one could have done it any better than her. When and if a Republican runs against her then she will get my vote. It’s how I roll loves. I vote for the person, not the party. Which takes me to another point. This bonafide Republican junk is not my favorite. Therefore, I couldn’t be chair because I don’t follow the rules.


So as you can see, I have NO DESIRE to run for that EVER! You can go ahead and take my name off that list.  


As far as the other name that was mentioned with mine as running for chair, well that name was said to be Larry Smith. With only losing by 7 percent I can see why people would think that. Loves if you want the answer to that question then you will have to ask him. Other names I’ve heard is Gary Loe and Kenny Collins, but like I said Knoxville is full of funny rumors. I guess my best advice is if you want that desired place as GOP Chair then let it be known and start pushing.


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