Hello Loves,


It’s here, the day I have been waiting for all year long.  No its not election day, or Christmas, both days bring a smile to my face but to see the real joy in your go to girl for Knoxville’s face just mention one  word…. DONUTS. Yes Loves its national donut day and I have the list of where you can get your free sweet, fried, wonderful tasting donuts.

Let’s start with locally owned Status Dough , Located at 6525 Kingston Pike starting at 6:30am they will be giving way One donut to the first 50 wonderful people who walk in the door. After that, they have partnered up with The Salvation Army and they will be giving a portion of their proceeds back to The Salvation Army.

At all Dunkin Donuts locations you can receive a free donut with any purchase of any beverage. Small coffee, free donut, small sprite, that’s right FREE DONUT! I recommend buying a jug of milk or one of there amazing iced coffees.


Krispy Kreme is giving you a free donut of your choice no purchases necessary. My favorite donut is there glazed blueberry . YUM


Duck Donuts 6104 Kingston pike [this is where they put whatever topping you would like on their amazing cake donuts] is letting you pick from 3 donuts that you can get for free, their Cinnamon Sugar Donut, Powdered Sugar Donut or their Bare Donut, which is just their donut with nothing on it. In my humble opinion the cinnamon sugar donut goes great with there black coffee but don’t try to eat it in the car because it can make a mess. No purchase necessary for this free choice.


Dippen Donuts, 6625 Maynardville Pike is offering a free donut of your choice AND a free small coffee or fountain drink of your choice. ALL FREE.


Loves, make sure you plan wisely. I think i’ll make my way down the list. If you need me i’ll probably be on a sugar high by the end of the day but it will be the best day of the year.


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