“A Memorial Day Message from Congressional Candidate and Retired U.S. Army Major Hank Hamblin”

Hello Loves,

Here is A Memorial Day Message from Congressional Candidate and Retired U.S. Army Major Hank Hamblin.

Please remember that as you travel, grill out, camp, boat and spend time with loved ones, family and friends this holiday that we enjoy, “Memorial Day”, came and continues to come at a catastrophic cost. Since 1770 when Crispus Attucks was the first person considered to be killed in the Revolutionary War at the Boston Massacre, millions of Americans have spilled precious blood in the defense and protection of our great nation and the liberties of freedom that we have fought so hard to gain and even more to keep… Lives of our own service members; American sons and daughters have been lost on far away and forgotten battlefields, in hot and humid jungles, on snow covered landscapes, on sandy beaches and on the high sea. Our nation’s War-Dead had their lives ripped from them, their families and friends had their loved one taken and forever to remain out of touch and lost… We miss them, their smiles, laughter and jokes… As Brothers and Sisters in Arms we remember the times we were together in the heat of the battle as well as the times spent in deep discussion while contemplating the reasons and rationale that led us to such desolate places to perform the duties we were sworn to do in such horrific and sometimes nightmarish places and of course we remember the very moment that death took them and are haunted forever with those images and sounds. As the 28th of May approaches I ask you all to do the following… Be silent, Be still, Be deep in thought of what this day truly represents… In so doing you will HONOR OUR FALLEN

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