Who is that Knocking on My Door?

Hello Loves,

This weather has got me wanting to do nothing other than stay in the pool or lake all day. That’s not the case for everyone. A few candidates that are in the middle of election season are not doing any of that!

I had a few friends call this weekend  about ONE candidate, Stacey Campfield. The word on the street is that fiery redhead is knocking on every door in his race come heck or high water. All three friends who didn’t want me to mention their names, said he knocked on there door and his wealth of knowledge and passion for being their next state representative was so strong that they all said yes you’re my candidate. Which for my friends that is pretty good since I’m 33 and I feel like adults my age are not always active in politics.

But does door knocking still work? In the land of social media, faster is better, and the rumor mill of other bloggers we see slander and bullying is the way to go. Will this be the case in this race? Time will only tell! All this blogger knows is this, Stacey isn’t slowing down so if you see a bike riding red head full of campaign gear move over from the fast lane and let him through because he’s off to get votes and support.


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