Representative Eddie Smith and A Huge Kickoff

Hello loves,

State representative Eddie Smith had his campaign kick off today at Love that BBQ. And by the looks of things he is definitely loved by his district. I don’t want to put a number on it because I don’t want to misconstrue people, but there was definitely a huge group of people out on this hot summer day to show their support for Eddie Smith being re-elected. Many of his colleagues that he’s worked with in Nashville came to support him, yet he spent the whole time talking to constituents about what to do to make his district and our great state better.

His campaign doesn’t end there. He’s going to need some help with volunteers. I’m sure he can count on the help from Glenn Jacobs after August.  If you want to learn more or want to help Eddie Smith add him on Facebook. Eddie Smith is a true leader who has listened to his district the whole time he’s been in Nashville

Will Eddie have enough support to beat his opposition for the third time? I sure hope so. But this kick off has laid the foundation for a great campaign.

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