Who the Heck is Hank Hamblin and Welcome!

Hello Loves,

Please welcome new advertiser Hank Hamblin to McCalla Around Knoxville. Hank is running in the republican primary for the Second Congressional District. Hank is running a strong social media and grassroots campaign. With a strong message, he states from his website, that he has served our country now let him serve you.

But he’s not riding on that veteran only train, he’s also got a place on his web site that has some big issues that he feels a candidate running for congress should be able to answer and have a plan for and he answers them with very simple answers that shows you he has a foundation to his campaign. Here is a few answers to what he feels are the issues and his solutions to them. I did pull these off of his web site.


Energy Independence and Security

Response : East Tennessee is blessed with an abundance of natural resources. Those which can provide the people of this region with low cost energy while creating new jobs and enhancing the quality of life.


2nd Amendment

Response: I understand that guns are part of our American heritage, personal weapons supplement and expound on our ability to protect ourselves, our families and our nation.



Response: We as a nation have to have some type of system in place to secure our borders, and it must be enforced. Without that our roads, schools, and entire infrastructure will be placed at risk.



So do your research Loves, here is all of Hanks Social Media Accounts  and if he is what you want in a congressman get out and give him your time. Hank for Congress FacebookHank’s Personal FacebookHank’s Twitter.

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