What Gives?

Hello Loves,

What does the Knoxville News Sentinel have against a man that pours his heart into Knox County? BUT apparently they find it delightfully enchanting to write a story about him every chance they get. Since he’s been mayor they’ve tried to run his name in the ground, but it’s not worked. The citizens of Knox County are smarter than Editor Jack McElroy may give us credit for. Jack has a history of using convicted criminal Allison Beavers (Tim’s ex wife) among others to advance his personal agenda.

The latest story involves former Sheriff

Tim Hutchison who was removed from office over term limits. They ran the story to make it out like Mayor Burchett attacked Hutchinson.

This “story” to me is funny because attack is not the word I would ever use to talk about Mayor Tim Burchett’s temperament. But let’s move on to the story and what actually happened. The Knoxville News Sentinel tried to get milk out of a dead cow. To sum it up they pretty much said that for no reason whatsoever that Mayor Burchett almost got into a fight with Tim Hutchison and was broken up by two deputies.

Here’s what I know….. Words were definitely exchanged, probably very loudly. I mean wouldn’t you be loud if someone was attacking your family. But that’s it, nothing else happened. A fIght? No! Our County Mayor isn’t going to throw down in the city county building. For anyone who knows the mayor they know he’s not a hot head.

Surely the Knoxville News Sentinel is better at fact finding, but than again it seems they could care less about the facts. Again, what does the Knoxville News Sentinel have against Mayor Burchett? Is it their relationship with Allison Beavers, Brad Mayes, or are they just doing this until they come out endorsing Jimmy Matlock? Whatever the case may be, we really don’t care…..

2 thoughts on “What Gives?

  1. The News Sentinel is fake news just like everything else. Especially Jack McElroy. He could be slammed just like anyone else. He’s no better than the other. As they say glass houses. Matlock, on the other hand,is professing to be such a Christian while his people are sending text messages and hacking into others phones to do so. I have learned if you are a Christian you don’t have to tell it. He is worse than all the others. You don’t see Tim out there doing terrible things to others. Hopefully everyone will choose to have an honest congressman in office. It would be a breath of fresh air for once to have someone like that in Congress. Not someone like Matlock who will go to any extreme to knock down someone and at the same time say he’s a Christian. That’s not the kind of Christian I want in Washington or anywhere.


  2. This narrative is fiction.
    The KNS ignored Jimmy Matlock, and gave Burchett all the coverage they could, for as long as they were able.


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