Volunteers Who Give Back

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Ever wonder what is going on with the Mayor from day to day? Here is a little update I got. I for one love seeing our County Mayor out in the community as much as possible.


Contact: Mike Donila May 11, 2018 306-1177 cell

Knox County, Smokies baseball team up to reward park visitors

Knoxville, Tenn. — (May 11, 2018) – Knox County, the Knox County Parks and Recreation Department and the Tennessee Smokies baseball organization announced a new program that recognizes great sportsmanship and rewards good behavior to park visitors who go out of their way to help the county.

Those selected will receive free tickets to Smokies home baseball games.Here’s how it works:

The Smokies will provide the Parks Department with a number of vouchers. Employees will then hand them out whenever they see visitors exhibiting good behavior, like picking up trash. In addition, someone who makes a game-winning score in an athletic event might get a ticket.

The tickets also will go to folks who participate in the department’s Adopt-A-Park program, which encourages sponsors to spend a few hours a month helping to keep the parks clean.
The announcement was made Thursday at Admiral Farragut Park. At that time, Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett and Smokies President Chris Allen presented a baseball goodie bag to the Painter Family.

Jeremy Painter, his wife, Caitlin, and their children – Milena and Cameron – adopted the Admiral Farragut Park last fall.

“I have a lot of appreciation for our volunteers because they give so much to the community,” Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett said. “The Painter family has done a tremendous job, helping our great staff keep this park in tip top shape.”

Added Allen: “We are very proud as an organization to be a part of something like this. We are excited to partner with Knox County to be able to show support to all of the wonderful people who take time out of their lives to make a difference in our community. The Knoxville citizens who take the time to help the community keep the local parks clean are huge difference makers,and we are excited to be able to support them with this partnership.”

Knox County Commissioner John Schoonmaker and state Rep. Jason Zachary also were in attendance. Admiral Farragut Park is in their district.



Painter Family with officials

Smokies President and COO Chris Allen, State Rep. Jason Zachary, Jeremy Painter, Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett, Connor Pearce (Smokies Marketing and Media Relations), Knox County Commissioner John Schoonmaker.

Caitlin Painter is in front of Jason and then Milena and Cameron Painter are (from left) in front of everyone.


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